China News Service, Beijing, April 15 (Reporter Du Yan) In the upcoming graduation season of college students, Beijing will launch the 2022 affordable rental housing youth apartment docking work to help fresh graduates settle down.

There are a total of 653 houses and nearly 1,000 houses in the pilot project of the project, and the rent is lower than the rent of rental houses in the same quality market in the same area.

Some projects also take into account the characteristics of young people and add some personalized services to provide suitable places for young people to exchange and meet customers.

  Today, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development that Beijing is actively alleviating the housing difficulties of new citizens and young people.

On March 17 this year, the General Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government issued the "Implementation Plan of Beijing Municipality on Accelerating the Development of Affordable Rental Housing" (Jingzheng Banfa [2022] No. 9) (hereinafter referred to as the "Implementation Plan"), requiring affordable rental housing. Rental housing focuses on ensuring urban operation service guarantee personnel, newly graduated college students and other groups.

In order to speed up the implementation of the policy, Beijing took the lead in starting the pilot project with fresh graduates, and launched the 2022 affordable rental housing youth apartment docking work, attracting fresh college graduates to stay in Beijing for employment and entrepreneurship, and provide support for Beijing to build a high-level talent highland.

Nearly 1,000 pilot houses will be rented for new graduates in 2022

  The pilot projects launched this time are distributed in four districts, Haidian, Chaoyang, Fangshan, and Changping. The pilot areas are clustered with colleges and universities, including Liangxiang University Town, Shahe University Town and many colleges and universities in Haidian, with a large scale of graduates. At the same time, there are Zhongguancun Science City, Future Science City, Zhongguancun Fangshan Park, CBD and other functional areas with relatively concentrated employment will help to balance work and housing.

Each district has refined the specific project leasing rules based on their own development conditions, which will be clarified in the subsequent lease registration announcement.

Beijing launched the 2022 subsidized rental housing youth apartment docking work to help fresh graduates settle down.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

  There are a total of 653 pilot houses and nearly 1,000 houses in the 4 projects. There are both collective land rental housing and talent housing supporting key functional areas. They are all fully furnished and delivered new houses, equipped with furniture and appliances, and graduates can move in with a bag.

There are various types of units, ranging from studio apartments of 26-35 square meters to two-bedroom and three-bedroom rental houses.

Create a vibrant youth community with rents below market levels

  According to the "Implementation Plan", the rent of affordable rental housing should be lower than the rental level of rental housing in the same quality market in the same area and the surrounding area. The monthly rent of the pilot houses meets the above requirements, and most projects are between 2,000-3,000 yuan.

  Taking into account the characteristics of young people, each project also adds some personalized services. For the Pingyuan project in Chaoyang District, a room with a large living room space was selected, and a shared meeting area was designed to provide a suitable place for young people to exchange and meet guests.

Fangshan Xiazhuang Village's collective land rental housing project provides tenants with intimate butler services and cleaning services, including express delivery and sterilization, and plans to regularly organize a wealth of community activities such as handcrafting, food sharing, reading clubs, etc. Quality, dynamic youth community.

Register before graduation, move in after graduation, and continue to carry out special allocation of rent

  Starting from May, each pilot project will release lease registration announcements one after another. For Haidian, Changping and Fangshan projects, please pay attention to the website of the District People’s Government, and for Chaoyang Pingyuan Project, please follow the website of Beijing Affordable Housing Center Co., Ltd. Prepare relevant materials.

According to the arrangement of each pilot plan, the room selection and inspection will be arranged after the interested college students have registered and passed the review, and will be successively organized to sign contracts and move in after the graduation season.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development, the pilot project aims to explore the docking mechanism and operation management model, accumulate practical experience, and lay the foundation for the long-term development of the docking work for newly graduated college students. More college graduates and young people realize their "dream of living in peace".

  The person in charge said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Beijing will focus on the development of affordable rental housing, and plans to use collective operating construction land, non-residential housing renovation, supporting land for industrial parks, self-owned land by enterprises and institutions, and new supply of state-owned land. , stock housing conversion and other channels, to build and raise 400,000 housing units (rooms).

At present, some subsidized rental housing projects have been launched successively to the market, such as Vanke Chengshou Temple, China Resources Baotai, Capital Baili Store and other projects, providing an effective way for young people to solve the problem of renting a house.

  The person in charge pointed out that in the next step, Beijing will also increase its pilot innovation efforts, and select more suitable projects to promote housing security for new citizens, young people, and urban operation service security personnel.