Does your mobile phone often receive similar loan text messages——

"Our bank grants you a 698,000-yuan reserve fund" "You can apply for a 498,000-yuan reserve fund"...

Who the hell wants to lend me money?

  Recently, have you received various loan promotion text messages frequently?

Are you wondering, who sent this kind of information?

Is this loan reliable?

  The Qianjiang Evening News Hourly News reporter found after investigation that most of the loan promotion text messages you received are from loan intermediary companies.

There is a "grey" industry chain from individuals with loan needs to loan intermediaries to banks.

  How do these loan intermediaries get your mobile number?

What is the relationship between banks and intermediaries?

The reporter interviewed loan intermediaries, people in the banking industry and relevant lawyers, trying to clarify the ins and outs behind the huge loan text messages and phone calls.

Status Loan Promotion SMS Frequent Harassment

  Like many netizens, the reporter also recently received a text message similar to the 698,000 reserve fund for credit. After replying to the message, someone called.

At first, the other party claimed to be a "direct bank loan", but after the reporter's questioning, the other party changed his words and said that it was the "intermediary channel" of the bank.

The manager, who claimed to be surnamed Li, sold it like this: "If you buy a house, it is not necessarily the real estate company that will show you the house. Think about it, there are only a few loan managers in the bank, but there are so many loan demands. If you need the funds, you can apply for a loan for you.”

  He asked the reporter in detail the monthly salary, provident fund, etc., and whether he had an online loan credit card after working for several years, and finally asked the demand time.

"Each bank's policy is different. For example, if you want to loan 1.5 million yuan, we may lend it to you through three banks. However, the order of loans is also important. For example, this bank has a low interest rate, but requires only the There are two loans; another bank can have six loans, but the loan amount may be relatively low. We will help you find a plan with the lowest interest." Manager Li said.

  Manager Li invited the reporter to bring their ID card, bank card and credit report to their company for an interview. The other party said that the company was in a building in Xiaoshan District.

Manager Li said that their charging standard is 1 to 3 points when the customer actually gets the loan.

  The reporter specifically asked Manager Li, "How did you know my phone number?" Manager Li asked, "Have you ever made a loan in a bank or a credit card before?"

  "No." After the reporter denied it, he said that the company has cooperated with the bank. It may be that the reporter had registered information with the bank before, and the information was given by the bank.

Ask who is sending these text messages

  According to the address mentioned by Manager Li, the reporter came to the building. There are several such loan intermediary companies operating in this office building.

It is understood that these companies are usually registered under the name of "Information Consulting Services".

  The reporter walked into one of the loan intermediaries on the grounds of consulting business, and heard the calls of the salesmen inside one after another.

"At least 300 calls are made a day." A salesman told reporters that they have two main business methods every day - calling or texting to find customers, and helping customers connect with banks to apply for loans.

  Chen Xu (pseudonym) has been working as a loan intermediary for nearly 5 years. He told reporters that taking loan text messages as an example, the loan intermediary company will edit the sales text messages in the name of the bank, and hand over the content and numbers that need to be pushed to the group specializing in text messages. business company.

  If the source of the text message is a string of virtual numbers, and the content is the loan products of various banks, it is all sent by the loan intermediary.

  "The SMS group and operators have cooperation, which is why you see the source of the text messages are all virtual numbers." Chen Xu explained.

  The reporter searched for a company called "Hunan Yunke" with the keyword "SMS Bulk Sending", and asked it to inquire about the loan SMS group sending business.

The clerk said that the loan type SMS is 7 points and 5 pieces, and the loan intermediary company needs to provide a contract with the bank to prove that it has the qualification to handle the loan.

  But Chen Xu said that few banks are willing to sign formal contracts with intermediary companies, and even if they do, they are private contracts.

Because it will involve a lot of trouble in identifying responsibility.

  "Of course, not every SMS group sending company needs to review the qualifications, and many of them have relatively loose management." Chen Xu told reporters.

Where does the traceability target phone number come from?

  So, where do the numbers provided by these loan intermediaries come from?

  The reporter's investigation found that there are three main channels for them to obtain the number: one is the demand information after the loan intermediary company has placed loan advertisements on various platforms; the second is a random combination of area codes; the third is to buy some "number lists".

  Like real estate agents, you'll find that as long as you leave your contact details on a loan advertisement, you'll soon be receiving sales calls from several mortgage agents.

  According to a number of people working in the industry, loan intermediaries exchange phone messages with each other.

Such a circle is not large, and the number information will be circulated privately among the salesmen. If it is regarded as a precise customer with loan demand, then you will be bombarded by phone calls from loan sales.

  Some people say that they have never filled in similar information, why can they still receive such text messages or calls?

Chen Xu explained that they will randomly combine the last four digits of the number according to the area code segment.

For example, if a number starting with 1736707 is from Hangzhou, they will touch the last four digits.

  "It's not very efficient, but it's also a way." Chen Xu said that the target of the intermediary company to the salesperson is about 100 to 300 calls a day.

  The third channel is the gray area of ​​loan intermediaries in obtaining information.

In some QQ and WeChat groups, some people will sell number lists to these intermediaries.

These lists are often named "xx community owner number list" "xx car customer list" and so on.

The personal information on these lists is basically sold to the salesmen of various intermediary companies at a price of 2 to 5 yuan a piece.

  The people who sell this information include decoration companies, property management companies, or the backstage staff of some information companies.

They can take advantage of their positions to get a list of names and numbers and sell them privately.

  Usually the higher the offer, the more true the selling message.

Chen Xu has encountered people who claim that they have "resources" in the bank, all of which are real customer information for mortgage loans in the bank, and a price of 50 yuan.

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