Which film will succeed


for the Palme d'Or?

The Cannes Film Festival, from May 18 to 27, has unveiled the selection of films that will be in competition for this 75th edition.

Pierre Lescure, President of the Festival, and Thierry Frémeaux, General Delegate, unveiled the 18 films in the running, among them

Tori and Lokita

by the Dardenne brothers,

Stars at Noon

by Claire Denis,

Frères et Sœur

by Arnaud Desplechin,

Armageddon Time

by James Gray or

Future Crimes

by David Cronenberg.

Russian filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov, who has legally left his country, will be in official competition at the Cannes Film Festival (for the third time) with

Zhena Chaivkovskogo,

a historic film around composer Tchaikovsky, Thierry Frémaux announced on Thursday.

The opening film will be

Z (like Z)

by Michel Hazanavicius.

Out of competition, the films


by Baz Luhrmann,


by Nicolas Bedos or

Top Gun: Maverick

by Joseph Kosinski, with Tom Cruise, will be presented.

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