A demonstration experiment was conducted in Koori Town, Fukushima Prefecture, where a pizza was placed on a drone and delivered to residents in an attempt to put into practical use a delivery service that used the drone's air route over the agricultural waterway.

This initiative was planned by a consulting company in Tokyo, such as the land improvement district in Koori Town, in an attempt to turn an agricultural canal, which has a relatively low risk of falling, into an air route for drones.

The aim is to put the delivery service to practical use and connect it to the maintenance cost of agricultural canals.

In a demonstration experiment conducted in Koori Town on the 14th, a box of pizza about 20 cm square was put in the case installed in the drone.

The drone that took off flew over the agricultural canal for about 10 minutes and landed in front of the front door of a house 1.8 kilometers away.

A woman who received the pizza in cooperation with the demonstration experiment said, "When I landed in front of my house, I was excited to say,'Is there pizza in this?' It's warm and delicious."

Akane Mikado of the consulting company "Nippon Koei Co., Ltd." said, "While conducting an agricultural-related survey, I planned to learn about and solve the problems of agricultural canals. I want to put it to practical use. "

Consulting companies and others are aiming to put delivery services to practical use from next year onwards.