(Reporter Li Li) After the explosion of "The World" at the beginning of the year, Liang Xiaosheng, winner of the Mao Dun Literature Award, recently published a new realist novel "Chinese Taoli", focusing on the hesitation and perseverance of young people in the changing times.

  This time, Liang Xiaosheng, who is over 70 years old, challenged himself: pretend to be a young man born in the 1980s, and write about his college life, love, friendship, travel to Beijing, success and failure in the first person... Liang Xiaosheng, who has undergone great changes, has set his sights on the post-80s college students. Based on what he has seen and heard in contact with students in the process of teaching in the university, he tells about their ideals and struggles, and also confides in their distress and confusion. The road to self-growth and career success.

  The story starts in 2000. Li Xiaodong and Xu Ran, freshmen of the Chinese Department, met for the first time on the train to the university. After a small conflict, they had a bad impression of each other.

Neither he nor she thought that this was the beginning of a long lingering or entanglement.

Preaching, teaching, dispelling doubts... In the university, people behave with clear principles, but they are trapped outside the ivory tower.

Hometown, provincial capital, Beijing... The twists and turns of life's trajectory are nothing more than finding a place to live.

  To choose a life partner is to choose a destiny.

After graduation, the protagonists in the novel, like all their classmates, faced the choice of staying in a small city in their hometown or choosing to work hard in a big city.

This is a long and powerful work that faces reality and is full of humanistic feelings. It does not shy away from the difficulties in life, but also strives to find a way out. I believe that many young groups who work hard in big cities will resonate.