China-Singapore Entertainment, Beijing, April 15th (Liu Yue) In the spring of April, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, full of vitality.

It's another year's flower viewing season. Some people love pear blossoms and sing "Jade makes the spirit of snow make skin, and Clarin becomes clearer in the rain";

In fact, most of the ancient literati and writers had their own favorite flowers, and they liked to recite poems and poems with flowers as the theme, and they also left many handed down poems.

  So, if the ancient poets gathered together to enjoy the flowers, would it be fun, or would they "fight" for their favorite flowers?

I said I like peach blossoms, Li Bai won't be angry when he hears it, right?

  The noodles are shy, and the yellow core is slightly exposed. It is beautiful and refined when you see it alone, and the stacking is scorching and colorful.

Since ancient times, peach blossoms have been favored by poets.

On March 20, two-color peach blossoms quietly bloomed next to the Grand Canal in Huiji District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

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The peach red contains the rain, and the willow green is more smoky.

——Tang Wang Wei, "Seven Pastoral Music, The Sixth"

A cluster of peach blossoms with no owner, cute crimson love light red?

  - Tandoori Fu's "Looking for Flowers alone by the River - Part 5"

The peach blossoms follow the flowing water all day long, where is the hole in the clear stream?

  ——Tang Zhang Xu "Peach Blossom Stream"

I don't know where the face is going, but the peach blossoms are still smiling in the spring breeze.

 ——Tang Cui Hu, "Tiducheng Nanzhuang"

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  In this ten-mile scorching peach forest, Wang Wei, Du Fu and the others brought the wine to the wind in harmony, and suddenly there was a faint voice of Li Bai's complaints.

Clear water does not move, peach blossoms are on the shore.

The peach blossoms are in the water, and the spring is swaying.

——"Farewell Lover"

The peaches and plums are sold brightly, and passersby are fascinated.

—— "Giving Wei Shiyu Huang Shang Two Songs, One"

Blossoms will fall early, peaches and plums are not as good as pine.

- "The Ballad of Kong Hou"

Fang hides from the osmanthus, and does not envy the peach blossom garden.

——"Wen Dan Qiuzi in the secluded residence of Shimen Ying in the north of the city has the relic of Gaofeng and leave"

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Bai Juyi: Don't look at peony, care about the national economy and people's livelihood

  In contrast to the peach blossoms with spring in the powder, the peony is luxurious.

Li Bai, who is a little "unaccustomed to" peach blossoms, appreciates peonies quite a bit.

At that time, he received the proposition composition of Tang Xuanzong, and wrote three "complimentary essays" for Yang Guifei in one breath, which is to use the peony to describe the beauty.

The blooming peonies are graceful and luxurious.

Photo by Han Zhangyun

Clouds think about clothes and flowers, and the spring breeze blows on the threshold of Revlon.

——"Qingping Tune Part One"

A branch of Nong Yan dew condenses fragrance, cloud and rain Wushan heartbroken in vain.

 ——"Qing Ping Tiao Second"

Famous flowers all over the country love each other, and they look like the king with a smile.

 ——"Qing Ping Tiao, Famous Flowers Alluring the Country and Two Lovers"

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  For a time, the poets were not calm, and they splashed ink and ink, Bai Juyi even opened his bow and began to use things to satirize people.

A clump of dark-colored flowers, in ten households.

 ——Tang Bai Juyi, "Buying Flowers"

I would like to seek the power of good fortune for a while to reduce the coquettish color of peony.

Shaohui Qingshi loves flowers, just like my lord worrying about crops.

——Tang Bai Juyi, "Peony Fang"

Jujube flowers can become solid even when they are small, although mulberry leaves are soft and silky.

Laughing at the peony is as big as a bucket, and nothing is done and an empty branch.

——Song Wang Pu's "Praying the Peony"

The peony is charming and disturbing the hearts of the people, and a country is like a madman without hesitation.

The peaches and plums in the east garden of Juruo become speechless.

——Tang Wang Rui, "Peony"

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The first flower of ancient sad and melancholy peony

  The red waves are swaying and scattered. As the sister of peony, peony is also the "top stream" in ancient poetry.

Thousands of mu of peony flowers bloom in Menhe, Ganyu County, Jiangsu

  "Book of Songs" has a cloud: "Weishi and women, Yiqi joked about each other, and gave them peony."

The ancients expressed their farewell by giving peony, so peony is also called Jiangli grass.

How much melancholy is hidden in the word "Jianli", which can be called the most sentimental flower in the eyes of literati.

The red peony before the order today, a few flowers want to be old and a few new ones.

  ——Tang Bai Juyi, "Sense of Paeony Flowers Sent to the Master"

The twenty-four bridges are still there, the heart is shaking, and the cold moon is silent.

Read the red medicine by the bridge, who is born every year?

  ——Song Jiang Kui "Yangzhou Slow · Huaizuo Famous Capital"

The swallow building is empty, with dark dust locks and a bed of strings.

I want to move the roots and change the leaves.

It's all old, hand-growing red medicine.

 ——Song Zhou Bangyan, "Understanding Lianhuan, Resentment Without Support"

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  However, when everyone is emo, some people are not only not melancholy, but also engaged in the literature.

In front of the court, the peony demon is unqualified, and the chishang Fujing has little affection.

Only the true national color of peony can move the capital when the flowers bloom.

 ——Tang Liu Yuxi, Appreciating Peony

Shaoyao and Jun are close attendants, how can Furong avoid Fangchen?

——Tang Luo Yin, "Peony Flower"

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The spiritual incarnation of poets of Hanmei and Qingju

  If there is any kind of flower that can make everyone in the literary world shake hands and make peace, it is the plum blossom and the chrysanthemum.

Both belong to the Four Gentlemen, Mei Ju bullying the frost and Sai Xue is often regarded as a spiritual image that poets yearn for.

  Chrysanthemums have experienced wind and frost, are proud, and often bloom in the countryside and mountains, so they have a noble character of indifference to fame and fortune, elegant and stubborn.

The picture shows the blooming autumn chrysanthemum.

Photo by Zhang Yin

Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan.

——Tao Yuanming of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, "Drinking, The Fifth"

I'd rather die with the incense sticks on the branches, never blowing into the north wind.

——Song Zheng Sixiao, "Cold Chrysanthemum"

The lotus is exhausted, and the rain cover is no longer there, and the chrysanthemum still has proud frost branches.

——Song Su Shi, "Gift to Liu Jingwen"

Drawing Liu Yue

  Even Li Bai, who was jealous of peach blossoms, couldn't help but feel sorry for the chrysanthemums whose branches were broken by the people who climbed high in Chongyang.

Why are chrysanthemums so bitter, suffering from these two double suns?

 ——Tang Li Bai, "September 10th is an event"

  Similar to the chrysanthemum, the plum blossom stands proudly in the snow, with a noble character, delicate fragrance, very elegant, and is also very popular among literati and poets.

The picture shows the plum blossoms placed by Aoxue.

Photo by Meng Delong

The tree at the head of the washing inkstone pool in my house has blossoming flowers and light ink marks.

Don't let people praise the color, just leave the air full of vitality.

 ——Yuan·Wang Mian "Ink Plum"

One branch first breaks Yuxichun.

More flowerless attitude, full of snow spirit.

——Song Xin Qiji "Linjiang Immortal: Exploring the Plum"

No intention to struggle for spring, Ren Qunfang is jealous.

Scattered into mud and crushed into dust, only the fragrance remains the same.

——Song Lu You, "Bu Shuan Zi Yong Mei"

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  Even, some people take Mei as their wife.

Song Dynasty poet Lin Fu lived in seclusion in the lonely mountain of the West Lake, planted plums and raised cranes, and never married.

All the fragrant fragrant swayed alone Xuanyan, occupying all the style towards Xiaoyuan.

The sparse shadows are horizontal and the water is clear and shallow, and the dark fragrance floats at dusk.

——Song Lin Fu, "Two Songs of Xiaomei in the Mountain Garden"

  In fact, the literati have been lonely since ancient times.

The chest is splendid, and the heart is exquisitely locked. When you are worried, the flowers are also sad, and the birds are also sad. When you are happy, the spring and Jingming are bright, and the waves are calm.

More often, due to their identity and the background of the times, they are hard to say, and they can only use flowers to describe people and focus on the disadvantages of the times.

  To be interpreted is the fate of all things, flowers are only quiet and neutral, but Bo Jun just smiled.