How to manage the operating chaos in the escape room script?

  Zhoushan Dinghai District Procuratorate's "Dinghai Solution" promotes industry governance

  □ Our reporter Wang Chun

  □ Newspaper correspondent Chen Hongna

  From being on a popular variety show to becoming an offline social activity, escape room and script killing have quietly emerged as new social favorites. The confined space, intense and exciting plot, various traps, and immersive experience are quite popular among young people.

At the same time, many problems frequently exposed in the industry chain are also attracting more and more attention.

  How to make the escape room and script killing industry that make young people "upper" on the right track?

Recently, the People's Procuratorate of Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province held an industry governance meeting, and discussed with relevant functional departments and industry managers the "Dinghai Solution" to regulate the healthy development of the industry.

  Boys experience room escape

  Too scared to sleep

  In March this year, local media in Zhoushan reported that an 11-year-old boy in the city went to a real-life escape room to experience, but was frightened by the horror scene in the room, leaving a psychological shadow.

  It turned out that at the request of his son's birthday, Mr. Li took him to a real-life escape room in Dinghai at the end of December last year.

The secret room is divided into several themes. According to the introduction materials, Mr. Li chose a project with a relatively low level of horror, and accompanied his son into the secret room.

  "There were coffins, spirit cards and other props when entering the level, and real people jumped out of the coffin pretending to be ghosts, and accompanied by terrifying music, the scene was terrifying!" Mr. Li said that when he found that his son was too frightened, he immediately Terminated the game and exited the Chamber of Secrets.

After returning home, Mr. Li's children had adverse reactions such as being unable to sleep at night, "seeing ghosts" after closing their eyes, and having nightmares.

  In fact, the "wounding" incidents caused by playing escape rooms and script killing games have been reported frequently.

  According to reports, in July 2020, Ms. Wang’s 12-year-old son in Nanning, Guangxi was frightened by a terrifying game plot to be hospitalized for playing an escape room; in August 2020, a 9-year-old boy in Changsha, Hunan avoided “arrest” in a secret room Injured the head.

  "Minors do not have rich life experience, and their psychological endurance is limited. When emergencies or stimuli appear, they will show panic and discomfort." Shi Bingbing, an expert on mental health education in Zhoushan City, said that if psychological counseling is not carried out in time , the child will leave a psychological shadow, after a long time, there may be mental illness, and even serious mental disorders.

  Strengthen the supervision of the secret room industry

  Conduct centralized inspections

  According to reports, Mr. Li has defended his rights in many ways about the child being frightened, but he has nowhere to complain because the escape room industry has no relevant regulatory requirements.

To this end, Mr. Li called on relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of the secret room industry and protect the physical and mental health of minors.

  "Escape room and script killing are still in the early stages of development, and the competent authority is not yet clear, and there is indeed a 'blank' in supervision. Therefore, we also pay special attention to and pay attention to this industry in our usual performance of duties." The Dinghai District Procuratorate's case-handling prosecutor introduced , as early as February this year, in the special management activities of safety production, the hospital found that some escape rooms have hidden fire safety hazards, which reflects some problems in the supervision of such new business formats.

The hospital immediately cooperated with market supervision, fire protection and other functional departments to conduct centralized inspections and investigations on more than 10 secret rooms and script killing business sites in the area.

  "Part of the theme scenes and scripts of escape room and script killings contain superstition and horror to a certain extent. Such places have not properly classified the content involved in the operation, and have not properly restricted the participation of minors." Prosecutors said that the investigation also found that there were food business activities in many escape room and script killing venues, but they did not apply for food business licenses and prepackaged food business records.

In addition, there are problems such as construction and decoration projects being put into operation without fire protection design filing, review, and acceptance, and problems such as unobstructed fire passages, insufficient necessary fire-fighting facilities, and illegal use of flammable decoration and decoration materials inside the business premises. larger.

  On February 25, the Dinghai District Procuratorate, under the guidance of the Zhoushan City Procuratorate, convened 8 departments including market supervision and fire protection, as well as people's supervisors, industry representatives, and student representatives to hold a hearing on the governance of the escape room and script killing industry in the jurisdiction. , all parties fully expressed their opinions and suggestions at the meeting.

After in-depth discussions, the people's supervisors agreed that it is necessary for procuratorial organs and administrative supervision departments to regulate various risks and hidden dangers in the industry in a timely manner.

  Supervise legal compliance

  Promote the healthy development of the industry

  According to the "2021 Entity Script Killing Consumption Insight Report", it is expected that the domestic script killing market will exceed 15 billion yuan in 2021, and the number of consumers may reach 9.41 million.

  "Strengthening supervision will inevitably hit the development of the industry, will it kill you if you manage it?" How to manage this rapidly developing industry?

After the hearing, the Dinghai District Procuratorate conducted in-depth communication with 8 functional departments on strengthening industry norms, and reached consensus on clarifying industry supervision responsibilities, daily supervision methods, and strengthening the protection of minors.

  Subsequently, in response to some problems in the current secret room and script killing industry, the Dinghai District Procuratorate issued procuratorial suggestions to relevant functional departments, urging them to perform their duties in accordance with the law, strengthen industry supervision, and promote the healthy development of the industry: It is recommended that relevant functional departments strengthen supervision and require escape room businesses. Strictly carry out age control; incorporate the food safety of escape room and script killing places into the scope of daily food safety supervision; conduct special investigations on the hidden fire safety hazards existing in the escape room and script killing business places within the jurisdiction, and carry out fire safety violations found in accordance with the law. Deal with and urge rectification, and jointly strengthen the daily fire supervision and inspection of the industry.

  "Operators should take the initiative to screen the content of room escape and script killing to ensure that obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence and drug-related illegal and criminal activities are not promoted..." On April 2, the Dinghai District Procuratorate jointly market supervision, fire protection Other regulatory authorities held an industry governance meeting for escape room and script killing, and conducted warning interviews with more than 10 industry operators in the region.

  At the meeting, all operators also signed an industry self-discipline convention, focusing on principled agreements on room escape, script killing theme and content, business scope, etc., and made requirements on legal compliance, active cooperation in supervision, and implementation of the convention. .

  "We believe that room escape and script killing are industries with potential for development. As the first batch of entrepreneurs to eat crabs, what we need to do is to seize opportunities in the crisis, and strive to develop this industry into an industry that displays wisdom and love, promotes A rookie in cultural consumption with positive energy." A practitioner said.

  "Strengthening supervision is not a blow-up management, but to maintain the bottom line of safety for the society. Tolerance and prudence supervision is not a laissez-faire. Legal supervision and market supervision are used to urge business entities to take the initiative to cultivate internal skills, so that escape rooms and script killings can return to entertainment life and spread culture. The essence." The relevant person in charge of the Dinghai District Procuratorate said that in the next step, the procuratorate will continue to follow up, and cooperate with relevant functional departments to jointly promote the healthy development of the escape room and script killing industry through external supervision and industry self-discipline.