• In order to fight against the expansion of tourist accommodation, the city of Lyon tightened the regulations in force on Wednesday.

  • Among the novelties, the change of use of furnished tourist accommodation will be subject to compensation.


"We don't want to become the French Barcelona".

In the ranks of the majority in Lyon, the hunt for “furnished tourist accommodation” is underway, in other words the hunt for apartments intended to be rented out year-round on platforms such as Airbnb.

The city lists 0.7%.

We are therefore quite far from what the Catalan capital has experienced.

But “the trend is on the rise”, warns Grégory Doucet, the mayor of Lyon.

In the very touristy districts of Croix-Rousse or Vieux-Lyon, for example, this rate can rise to 8%.

“These are all dwellings that are immobilized and extracted from the rental market.

For the owners, it is a means of making greater profits while others are looking for accommodation and cannot find it, deplores Renaud Payre, deputy to the metropolis of Lyon in charge of housing and habitat.

The market is currently overheating.

If we do not intervene, the situation will become tense.


Like Paris, Lyon and its metropolis have therefore decided to tighten the regulations in force to “prevent entire districts from switching to furnished tourist accommodation”.

This concerns owners who rent out their property for at least 120 days a year.

“In summary, this represents a rental every three days.

If this is the case, this generally means that you do not live in this accommodation, supports Grégory Doucet.

This does not apply to individuals who rent their apartment for a weekend for the Festival of Lights, for example.


Change of use subject to compensation

Before, the regulations stipulated that surfaces greater than or equal to 60 square meters, located in the hyper center of Lyon, had to be compensated.

The owner had the obligation to offer in parallel a second identical accommodation, in the same district and the same perimeter.

From now on, there is no more surface limit.

"From the first square meter, there is a need to compensate," says Renaud Payre.

And for accommodation located outside the hyper center, the limit has been set at 35 square meters.


Another novelty: any request for change of use of a residential premises to furnished tourist accommodation will now also be subject to compensation.

Concretely, if you have an office or a business and you decide to do work to transform it into housing and rent it out more than 120 days a year on platforms, you will have the obligation to offer a second housing to the lease.

"The desire is not to prohibit at all costs but to favor families who can no longer find accommodation for lack of available accommodation", concludes Renaud Payre.


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