Although we have reached the third spring in the Corona disaster, universities all over the country are moving to reduce the weight of online classes and expand face-to-face classes from the new year.

Compared to elementary and junior high schools and high schools, online classes and face-to-face lessons continue to be used in combination at universities. Nearly more than half said they would do it online.

Under these circumstances, universities in various regions have been moving to expand face-to-face lessons one after another from the new year, and Keio University has indicated a policy of conducting face-to-face lessons, which was about 50%, in more than 90% of the lessons. Kumamoto University, which was more than half online, has indicated that it will conduct about 70% of classes face-to-face.

In addition, Meiji University has reviewed the lesson policy, which has already set 70% of face-to-face lessons as a guide, and plans to implement full-scale face-to-face lessons while thoroughly implementing infection control measures.

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, as of December last year, the number of people who dropped out due to the influence of the new corona increased 1.4 times from the previous year, and 30% of the reasons were "maladaptation to student life and decreased motivation to study". It increased by about 10 points.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has taken sufficient measures against infection, saying in a notification to universities nationwide for the new year that "face-to-face interaction with students and faculty members is also an important factor in fostering a rich humanity." He requested that he take appropriate measures to conduct face-to-face lessons and secure opportunities to use on-campus facilities such as libraries.

In addition, we are requesting that students gain their understanding even if face-to-face lessons are not possible, and that not only new students but also students are likely to have anxiety, so we will take detailed measures such as a consultation system.

After that, we will investigate the lesson policy for the first half of this year and announce it as soon as the results are finalized.