Last year, a junior high school girl was found dead in a snow-covered park in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido. understand.

It means that more than 10 acts were found to be bullying, such as the perpetrator requesting a junior high school girl to send a sexual video.

In March of last year, Sousai Hirose (14 at the time), who was a second-year junior high school student in Asahikawa City, was found dead in a park in the city where snow was piled up. On the 27th of last month, I reported to the bereaved family that six items of bullying were approved for Mr. Sousai based on interviews with related students and faculty members.

I found out this content by interviewing the people concerned.

According to the people concerned, the perpetrator

▽ touched the body for sexual purposes

▽ called at midnight

▽ repeatedly paid for sweets etc. ▽

demanded to send sexual videos for a long time What I


▽ I repeatedly asked to do sexual acts myself ▽ I

continued to make fun of myself even though I was hated, and Mr. Sousai jumped into the river, more than 10 cases of 6 items It means that the act was recognized as bullying.

The third-party committee will hold a press conference later this week to explain the details.