For the first time, a national research group published the results of an analysis of how the levels of antibodies that prevent infection change in three months after the third inoculation of the new corona vaccine.

The antibody level increased more than 50 times on average compared to just before inoculation, and then almost halved over 3 months, but "a certain level of efficacy is maintained".

According to a research group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, among medical workers who received the third vaccination, how the antibody value against the "conventional strain" before the mutation changed in 3 months for those who did not have the antibody due to infection. I analyzed it for the first time.

Of these, 440 people who received the Pfizer vaccine three times had

an average antibody level of 52.1 times after 1 month

and 27.5 times after 3 months.

In addition, in 92 people who received the third modelna with Pfizer up to the second time,

the antibody value after 1 month was 70.3 times on average compared to just before the inoculation

▽ 36 times after 3 months. ..

Suminobu Ito, a specially appointed professor at Juntendo University School of Medicine, who is the representative of the research group, said, "Although the antibody level has almost halved over three months, the level is high and a certain level of efficacy is maintained. Effect on Omicron strains. I can't say for sure, but it seems unlikely that the effectiveness will drop sharply. "