China News Service, April 12. According to the WeChat official account of "Form of Social Organizations in China", recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Central Cyberspace Administration of The second batch of 10 illegal social organization websites and new media accounts in 2022 were shut down in accordance with the law, and related related webpages were cleared.

  Since the launch of the special campaign to further crack down on illegal social organizations on March 20, 2021, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in conjunction with relevant departments, has taken action against illegal social organizations that have been banned in accordance with the Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China, the Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services and other relevant laws and regulations. Social organization websites have been investigated, and 91 existing illegal social organization websites and new media accounts such as WeChat and Weibo have been shut down in eight batches, further consolidating the results of offline crackdown and rectification, and consolidating the closed loop of online and offline governance. .

  The shutdown involves 10 illegal social organizations that have been banned, including the China Automobile RV Camping Alliance, the China Aviation Medical Rescue Alliance, the Post-80s Pension Service Alliance, the China Famous Brand Product Brand Management Center, and the China Product Quality Inspection and Supervision Center.

  The Ministry of Civil Affairs will continue to maintain a high-pressure attack situation, strengthen network monitoring and investigation, conduct simultaneous online and offline investigations, and resolutely eradicate the breeding ground for illegal social organizations.

For the initiators of illegal social organizations who are bad in nature and persist after repeated admonitions, they will also be submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to be included in the blacklist of illegal Internet sites (sponsors) in accordance with the law.

All sectors of society are welcome to log on to the Chinese Social Organization Government Service Platform (, and provide information on the activities of suspected illegal social organizations, as well as clues on the principals and key personnel through the "Complaints and Reports" column.

  Relevant institutions and the public are reminded again that when cooperating with social organizations or participating in their activities, they must pay attention to verifying their identities.

The registration information of social organizations across the country can be inquired online through channels such as the China Social Organization Government Affairs Service Platform (, the China Social Organization Dynamic Government Affairs WeChat (WeChat: chinanpogov) and other channels.

  Attachment: List of 10 illegal social organizations whose websites will be shut down in the second batch in 2022

  1. China Automobile RV Camping Alliance

  2. China Aviation Medical Rescue Alliance

  3. Post-80s Pension Service Alliance

  4. Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance

  5. China Famous Brand Product Brand Management Center

  6. China Product Quality Inspection and Supervision Center

  7. Huaxia Hanmo Art Exchange Center

  8. National Happiness Education Development Community

  9. The Fifth Quarter Meeting of the Big Business School

  10. Xinguang Presbyterian Church