Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Sun Jun) CITIC Publishing House and Chang Yi, winner of the Bingxin Children's Literature Award and best-selling author, jointly reworked Chang Yi's representative work "The Big Monster in the Forbidden City", a literary work with a heavy impact. Launched this set of "The Big Monster in the Forbidden City Comics Edition", which uses images to interpret fairy tales, and uses Chinese comics to explore new possibilities for books.

  "The Big Monster in the Forbidden City" is one of the most popular works in the children's literature market in recent years. The cumulative sales of the series of books have exceeded one million copies, and the cartoon of the same name has been exclusively viewed over 1 billion times. The story has been adapted into stage plays, games, etc. , the novel has won numerous awards.

Why is it so popular?

Because it combines various elements that children like: the six-hundred-year-old Forbidden City, hundreds of fairy monsters living in the legend, the world of beasts that can be "entered", and the fantastic adventures experienced with the monsters, etc.

Not only that, but the author Chang Yi has also incorporated thousands of years of Chinese culture into the story without a trace. The charm of those traditional cultures and the thrilling and interesting adventures have firmly captured the children's attention.

  This comic edition invited the original comic team "Sa Comics", a veteran of the country, to be the main creator.

The characters in this comic version are faithful to the original work, vividly depicting the images of hundreds of fairy monsters in the story, which were evaluated by the author as "exactly the big monster in her mind".

The comics also use strong ink and heavy colors to restore the beauty of the Forbidden City, and restore the characteristics of the Forbidden City as much as possible, especially the representative places such as the Hall of Central Harmony and the Hall of Supreme Harmony, which are full of details, brick by brick, and even the decoration of the windows.

  In addition, the comic version has thoughtfully added a "Monster Classroom" section after each story is over, so that the legends of monsters, common knowledge of ancient buildings or the ins and outs of objects in the Forbidden City mentioned in the story are presented in an interesting way for everyone. for extended reading.

After reading a story, children can learn something by the way.

The small class is full of pictures and texts, and the interpretation is lively and interesting.

What are the types of ridge beasts on ancient buildings, and where they are in the building, you can instantly understand at a glance at the picture.