You may have been wearing the same eyeshadow for years or even have a lipstick inherited from your mother that you still use.

If you've never had any problems, you're lucky.

Applying makeup to your face in poor condition can cause adverse reactions that should be taken into account.

Because yes,

makeup expires


Although this will also depend on what care you dedicate to it.

No product gets rid

of old age: foundations, lipsticks, mascaras and even powders.

Of course, each type of cosmetic varies greatly in terms of its life time.

Eye shadows can last up to 36 months, as long as they are well cared for.

Lipsticks and powders follow, around two years.

For their part, foundations and concealers usually expire after a year.

While others such as eye pencils and mascara are more short-lived, between six and 12 months.


find out how long

you can use a cosmetic once it's opened, you'll need to take a look at its packaging.

Look for a symbol that looks like an open jar with a number and an "M."

The figure will tell you how many months it will take to expire.

Not respecting this time limit can cause adverse effects such as


, skin disorders,


, herpes,


or acne, among other reactions that are harmful to your skin.

How to know if your cosmetics are expired

The most obvious way to check if a makeup has reached its expiration date is to look at

the texture


This changes when the product is in poor condition, either due to the formation of lumps or other alterations that give it away, such as the appearance of an oily layer.

The same happens with

the color

, if the tone of your base has changed or has oxidized, it will be time to renew it.

And not to mention the bad smells.

Any advice to make your makeup

last longer


Take care of it and always keep it hygienized.

If you are a fan of applying eyeshadow with your fingers or you don't usually clean your makeup brushes -warm water and neutral soap is enough-, we have bad news for you: your products will stay in good condition for less time.

Bacteria transferred to products are responsible.

It should be clarified that applying your trusted powders with a brush, always clean, will not make the product last beyond its corresponding expiration date.

However, it will help extend its lifespan.

It will also help to


our makeup in good condition using a specific refrigerator for cosmetics, such as this one from Create, available in different pastel shades.

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