In just one month, all the democratic, business and legal systems that the collective West was so proud of went down the drain.

In their place came demagogy, robbery and outright, legalized racism.

Everything that "people with good faces" have always done, but were a little embarrassed to appear in newspapers and in front of cameras with it.

Is it any wonder that the matter has already reached the UN.

The very one that is the fruit of the victorious countries and which, at the very least, shaped the contours of the world after the Second World War.

Much has changed, but one thing has remained unshakable - not a single country - the founder of the UN can, for example, be expelled from the UN.

This infuriated and infuriates many.

Therefore, in the course are various demonstrative actions.

For example, yesterday they voted on the subject of Russia's withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council.

Or suspension, it doesn't matter.

What was it?

And this was preparation for the trial of Russia in comfortable conditions, when it can no longer block any decisions of the HRC.

The result of the vote is already known.

93 states were in favor, 24 were against, and 58 abstained.

As D.A.

Medvedev: “The UN Commission on Human Rights.

Formed in 1946.

Since 1967, she began to actively intervene in the affairs of sovereign states.

All this led to the loss of confidence in her and the death of the commission in 2006.

The Human Rights Council was formed in 2006 to replace the Commission.

On April 7, 2022, the UN General Assembly decided to suspend Russia's participation in this council due to the position of a number of countries.

Immediately after that, Russia stopped its participation in the commission and its powers due to the politically motivated demonstrative punishment of a sovereign state member of the UN.

How long will the UN Human Rights Council live after this?”

Yes, this is exactly what happened: while Russia was being expelled, it withdrew from the HRC on its own since yesterday.

If anyone is interested, at one time the United States already did the same thing once, by the way, another country is the founder of the UN.

This is when the Americans realized that almost every meeting of the HRC begins with a condemnation of America.

And I must say that the United States gives reasons for this about a hundred times more than the Russian Federation.

But who's counting?

And it is not surprising that it was the American senators who came up with the initiative to exclude Russia from the Council.

They suggested that the US Permanent Representative to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, submit a relevant resolution to the UN General Assembly.

So the current vote, among other things, was a parade of loyalty precisely to the “world gendarme”, and concurrently to the chief designer of what happened and is happening in Ukraine.

It seems that the HRC will be reformatted for new tasks, because the time has come for marauders - you need to comply.

Marauders in the economy, in international relations, in energy.

And only the military-industrial complex rubs its hands.

Is he Ok.

After all, what we are seeing now in world politics bears clear signs of Facebookization* and Twitterism.

The level of populism is going through the roof - now politicians make serious decisions based on fake information, in pursuit of likes, without analyzing the consequences.

They act like a crowd of hamsters from social networks - pump up emotions, push each other to make decisions for which no one is ready to answer, put their momentary and often false emotions ahead of the law.

As if we do not live in world politics, where real people and events, but in some kind of giant 3D-Twitter.

So the current vote on the suspension of Russian participation in the Human Rights Council is exactly what it is.

“We are witnessing an extremely dangerous precedent that threatens to turn into devastating consequences for the entire United Nations system as a whole,” writes Leonid Slutsky, head of the international committee of the State Duma.

And the saddest thing is that the twitterization of politics, using the example of the HRC, translates regulation with the help of laws into regulation by concepts.

Replacing laws with "rules of our community" that no one has ever seen.

"You broke the rules!"

- and before you hear the answer, you are already in the bath, and no one will return the money for the subscription to you.

It is unlikely that this will benefit the world and the world order.

Because international politics is not a social network run by irresponsible avatars.

But in fact - a kind of Zuckerberg, who has boring uncles from the American intelligence services behind him.

This is the road to nowhere.

But now we know what the West looks like when the mask comes off.

"Pravozashchita" is slipping along with it.

* Meta product, activity recognized as extremist, prohibited on the territory of Russia by decision of the Tverskoy Court of Moscow dated 03/21/2022.

The point of view of the author may not coincide with the position of the editors.