Hong Kong customs have seized 700 kilograms of crystal meth - one of the largest drug finds in the city's history.

The drugs were hidden in two shipments of heavy industrial equipment by plane and ship from Mexico, Lee Kam-wing, chief of the Customs Bureau's Narcotics Bureau, said on Sunday.

The two shipments arrived in Hong Kong within a week in March.

"It's very clever"

The industrial goods were shipped from Mexico via a Chinese logistics company.

According to customs, this was also commissioned to find a company in Hong Kong that would receive and store the shipments.

"That way the drug dealers didn't have to show up at all.

That's very nifty," Lee said.

Almost 450 kilograms of liquid meth was found at Hong Kong airport.

The find then led investigators to another 250 kilograms of powdered meth that had already been taken to a warehouse near the mainland China border.

Hong Kong customs have seized 1.2 tons of various drugs so far this year - almost five times the amount found in the same period last year.