[Concurrent] China News Agency reporter Zhang Jian

  Dear netizens, I am Zhang Jian, a reporter from China News Agency. In order to optimize the nucleic acid testing process in Shanghai, the "Nucleic Acid Code" function was launched on April 9 at the "Sui Application" as an identity certificate for Shanghai citizens during the nucleic acid testing process.

Well, I am now at a nucleic acid sampling site in Verona Guidu Community, Yongfeng Street, Songjiang, Shanghai. What new functions does the just-launched "nucleic acid code" have? Let's take a look at the scene together.

  [Explanation] At the nucleic acid sampling site, the reporter saw that the residents of the community lined up in an orderly line two meters apart.

According to Ren Mingye, a volunteer responsible for maintaining order, the new "nucleic acid code" was used for the first time in the community that day. Compared with the past, its function and convenience have been greatly improved.

  [Concurrent] Volunteer Ren Mingye

  For example, the information input time of residents is saved, and the effective time of 30 days is increased, which is very convenient for residents.

From the perspective of our application, there are mainly two changes. One is a change in the generation of QR codes by residents. Then we are also worried that some residents are unfamiliar with the newly launched functions today, and some elderly people will not. use.

In this regard, we also conducted a publicity campaign among the residents through the landlord group, allowing residents to apply for QR codes in advance, and also organized our on-site volunteers to help the elderly apply.

The second point is mainly a change in our on-site sampling equipment. Now this QR code is mainly sampled through mobile phones, which will increase the mobility and convenience, and will also improve our sampling efficiency.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the launch of the "nucleic acid code", in addition to multiple channels for logging in, also supports offline use, save screenshots after acquisition, and can be used repeatedly within 30 days.

If the system is busy or you forget your mobile phone, you can scan the code to register with your ID card.

  [Concurrent] Volunteer Wu Fang

  On the first day of today, if they couldn't scan the QR code, they could log in with their ID card and scan their ID card.

Before, it was impossible to use a QR code for an ID card, so some elderly people needed volunteer help, and the whole process would be slow. Now, if the elderly or children do not have a QR code, when the system cannot be scanned, (also Yes) using an ID card will improve the efficiency.

  [Concurrent period] Xie Yijie, a resident of the community

  After clicking in, a "nucleic acid code" pops up directly, and then I just click in and take a screenshot, which is more convenient and convenient. It should be simpler for us.

  [Explanation] In addition, in order to facilitate the use of special groups such as the elderly and children, the function of collecting on behalf of relatives is also provided. The same application can be used repeatedly for 30 days, and a screenshot of the "nucleic acid code" can also be printed out, which is convenient for the elderly at home to register and use offline nucleic acid .

  [Concurrent] Chen Yu, a resident of the community

  "With the application" originally our parents and their children have a green code of a relative, then just click on it and the "nucleic acid code" will appear, which is very convenient to come out, and then this code can be saved for one month and can be used until May 9 No.

  Zhang Jian reports from Shanghai

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]