The old stalks are gathered, the jokes are vulgar, and it has become an extended version of the sketch

  Costume sitcoms rejuvenate, but masterpieces are hard to find

  Recently, the costume sitcom "Medicine is the second is the second" starring Jia Bing and Liu Hua came to an end. Coupled with the same type of drama "Washer Rivers and Lakes" broadcast during the Spring Festival, the costume sitcom has a tendency to recover.

These two dramas are invariably "imitation" or "homage" to the classic drama "Wulin Gaiden", but the quality of the works is far from the latter level.

Everyone misses classic costume sitcoms, but such good dramas are really hard to come by.

  Qilu Evening News reporter Shi Wenjing

 Can't get around "Wulin Gaiden"

  "The second is the second is the doctor" tells the story of Li Xiaolu, a master brother from the Northeast who wants face and can fool you, with a group of "heroes and juniors", he fled all the way to Juxian Street, Xiaoyao Town, determined to create a new world, but he didn't expect Yin A hilarious and funny story in which a martial arts hall became a medical hall, and a "hero" became a "doctor".

The main line of the story includes the "Guandongmen" senior brother reviving the martial arts school and opening a martial arts hall, as well as the funny emotional line of Li Shizhen played by Liu Hua and Li Xiaolu played by Jia Bing, Xu Erniang, Niu Yangge and his daughter from Juxian Street.

If you compare "Medicine is Medicine Two is Two" and "Wulin Biography", you will find that "Medicine is Medicine Two is Two" actually follows many of the creation rules of the classic work "Wulin Biography", which is based on the latter's narrative framework new creations.

  The character setting of "The Doctor is the Doctor" is the story of a group of "Jianghu factions" and the widowed proprietress and her daughter. There are also a large number of cameo characters in the play, and they are all supporting roles with their own characteristics and different funny functions. figure.

The characters who continue to "fall from the sky" build a fragmented but fresh comedy plot throughout the play.

For example, Murong Suozhu, an uninvited visitor, has an indestructible body and a life that is indestructible to five thunderbolts. He has been unable to die for thousands of years. When he came to the medical center, he wanted to die. He has always "can't die". Brother is crazy.

  Like "Wulin Biography", the core of "Medicine is the second is the second" is also a digestion of the "hero spirit" and "Wulin Jianghu".

In the play, the funny process of the Guandongmen apprentice brothers changing from "heroes" to "doctors" is very dramatic in itself.

The secret book of Guandongmen's magical powers, "No Er Jing", was originally an important tool for Li Xiaolu to defeat the villain Shi Shu and reshape the image of a "hero", but it was played badly. , Under the brainwashing of many inferior novels, some people went into trouble.

The first half of "Medicine is the second is the second" deconstructs some sacred things in the martial arts arena, and some plots are also funny, but the second half of the play finally makes the hero Li Xiaolu become a hero with unparalleled martial arts. The martial arts hall was set up.

The front of the play is like a sitcom, and the back is like an ordinary costume comedy.

  "Medicine is Medicine Two is Two" also presents a platter-like language style.

In the play, the characters sing the two-person turn and clapper book at every turn. In one line, they say that "the swallow builds a nest with one mouth."

"The right way in the world is vicissitudes of life, one can't be too arrogant" and other old lines, which are imitations of "Wulin Gaiden".

The character played by Li Chengru also reproduced the classic scenes of "Six Groups of Serious Cases", as well as the line stalks such as "like a stick in the throat, like sitting on a needle felt, like a thorn in the back".

  Sun Bo, the screenwriter of "Medicine is the second is the second", is a comedy creator in Northeast China. He serves as an assistant director, a screenwriter, and has participated in works such as the "Country Love" series, "The Surprise of Three Crashes" and "Veteran". The language style of the work has a strong Northeast regional color.

The play gathers comedians such as Jia Bing, Liu Hua, Sun Tao, Li Chengru, Wang Ning, Jiang Shimeng, etc. Judging from the fact that the play only selects comedians to play the main characters, the producer really wants to create a classic comedy that inherits The new work, but unfortunately this drama still lacks enthusiasm in all aspects such as plot, lines, memes, character design, and actor's characteristic performance, and it failed to explode.

 Situation comedies have high demands on screenwriters

  After "Wulin Gaiden", the audience's aesthetic standards for costume sitcoms have been very high, and new works cannot escape being compared with them.

  Recently, the costume sitcom "Washer Jianghu" starring the cross talk actor of Deyun Society has also been compared with "Wulin Biography".

The character structure and story direction of "Washer Jianghu" are actually not similar to "Wulin Biography".

The story of "Washer Rivers and Lakes" begins with the emperor concealing his identity to apply for a job as a Washer assistant, and there are a lot of jokes.

The play is based on the washer, and traditional folk arts such as cross talk, opera, and Shulaibao run through it. Quyi "Shu Lai Bao" is carried out, and the cross talk unique skills in the play are also reflected.

Presenting traditional cultural elements and "national tide" elements in the works is the practice of many costume dramas today, which is worthy of recognition, but "Washer Jianghu" is actually somewhat similar to the variety show "Deyun Dou Xiao Club", more like for fans The customized comedy is a modern comedy in ancient costumes. Many of the jokes are actually very awkward, and many of the memes are very vulgar. It is suitable for young audiences who have low laughs and a spoof style.

  "Medicine is Medicine Two is Two" follows the creative path of traditional costume sitcoms. The lines have a certain degree of brilliance, but the wonderful lines are not dense enough; Incomparable with "Wulin Gaiden", the overall attraction of "six protagonists" is not enough.

The audience of "Medicine is the second is the second" is positioned at a relatively high age group, which also affects the spread of the show.

  Audiences miss "Wulin Biography" every year, and it can be said that the market for costume sitcoms still exists.

The platform invested in the filming of "Medicine is a Doctor" and "Washer Rivers and Lakes", and also saw this demand from the audience, but high-quality costume sitcoms like "Wulin Biography" are not available.

"Medicine is Medicine Second is Second" may also be a script that the screenwriter has been grinding for many years, but the traditional cultural content of the lines of this play, the content of contemporary popular culture, the content of "Internet jokes", and the creation of personalized lines of characters are not enough. Intensive, not enough fun, and the digestion and reconstruction of these cultures is not very eye-catching.

  The costume sitcom "Wulin Biography" is a thriving one. This kind of drama has never been able to develop, mainly because there is no soil that can allow it to develop.

This type of drama needs both laughter and depth, and has extremely high requirements for screenwriters, while comedy screenwriters in the film and television industry are scarce.

It can be seen from the leading actors of the senior actors in "Medicine is the second is the second" that comedians are also very scarce. Situation comedians need to have their own performance characteristics, rhythm and stage sense. This kind of training is difficult to achieve overnight and requires the actors to work hard .

  "Medicine is the second is the second" and "Washer Rivers and Lakes" are actually an attempt on the platform for costume sitcoms. The former is more traditional, while the latter pursues youth. This category of work has not died, and creators continue to devote themselves to it.

Only if such works do not die can we talk about a slow recovery.