Fujiko Fujio A and his real name Motoo Abiko, who are the leading manga artists in Japan and have worked on many popular works such as "Ninja Hattori-kun" and "Kaibutsu-kun", have passed away.

He was 88 years old.

Following his death, there are mourning voices from all over the world, including those with whom he has interacted.

(* "A" of "Fujiko Fujio A" is A in ○)

Hideko Mizuno, a cartoonist with whom I had an exchange at Tokiwa-so, "Very lonely"

Hideko Mizuno, a manga artist who moved into Tokiwa-so in 1958 and had an exchange with Fujio Fujiko A, said, "I'm very shocked. I was surprised because I've been doing well until now. At Tokiwa-so, I have the impression that he is a quiet brother, and I remember having fun chatting with Fujio Akatsuka and his friends in the room. It is very lonely that the person who played an active part in Tokiwa-so died. "

Voice of mourning from cartoonist to Twitter

On Twitter, there are a series of voices mourning the death of manga artists who yearn for Fujiko.

Yusuke Murata, a cartoonist, said, "The book" Fujiko Fujio Land "has a cel picture for the first time. I knew for the first time," Is animation made because of this? " I think it was great for me to be interested in how to make it at the same time. Thank you, Mr. Fujiko A. Gassho. ", I posted a message to mourn Mr. Fujiko's death.

Manga artist Junji Ito said, "I pray for the souls of Professor Fujiko Fujio A. I have read" Mataro ga Kuru "and" Manga Michi ". Soichi's hairstyle is influenced by Mataro." I wrote that I was influenced by manga.

Manga artist Hisashi Eguchi posted "Mr. Fujiko Fujio A. I wonder if he is reunited with Mr. F." and expressed his condolences by mentioning the name of Mr. Fujiko F. Fujio who was forming a combination. ..

Shoko Nakagawa "I can't believe it" on Twitter

Shoko Nakagawa, a talent who had a close friendship, said on Twitter, "I can't believe it. I'm very energetic, always smiling, kind and my favorite teacher, Mr. Fujiko. I posted.

She also mourned the death of Mr. Fujiko Fujio A, who said, "I love Mr. Fujiko Manga Michi, who told me a lot of wonderful stories, and my favorite work, Mr. Fujiko, who I read many times."

Residents in the neighborhood of my home "The work is inherited"

People living in the neighborhood of Mr. Fujiko's home in Kawasaki City were surprised and mourned for his death.

A woman in her 40s said, "I saw her waiting for a taxi at her home a few months ago and she looked fine. Her husband is a big fan. I heard she died in the news. I'm surprised that I can't speak. "

She said a woman in her 50s said, "I'm sorry she grew up with her teacher's work and loved her children. I think she will continue to carry on her work." rice field.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno "Produced an excellent work loved by generations"

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a press conference in the afternoon, "Along with producing a number of children's manga for more than half a century, an excellent manga with an original style for adults was announced, and in 2008, the Order of the Rising Sun was announced. I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to Mr. Fujiko, who was one of the leading manga artists in Japan after the war and created an excellent work that has been loved for generations. "