The triumph of Viktor Orban in Hungary

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Prime Minister Viktor Orban during his campaign rally in front of his Fidesz activists in Szekesfehervar, April 1, 2022. © Petr David Josek/AP

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On Sunday, Viktor Orban won his fourth victory in Hungary after the legislative elections.

"This victory is so great that you can probably see it from the moon, at least from Brussels," he boasted even before the publication of the final results.

The opposition, which for the first time had decided to unite to counter the Prime Minister, anticipated his defeat but hoped for a tight result: it was swept away.  


As war rages in neighboring Ukraine, Orban presented himself to voters as the guarantor of peace and security.

Faced with the conflict, he stands out from the Europeans and spares Vladimir Putin.

Will the Prime Minister be able to maintain this fragile balance between Europe and Russia?

Will he be sanctioned by the European Union for his violations of the rule of law?

Can he use his majority to weaken Hungarian institutions and strengthen his power?

Will the Hungarian opposition be able to recover from this rout?

Decryption with: 

- Catherine Horel

, director of research at the


, specialist in contemporary central Europe, author of the book

Histoire de la nation hungaire.

From the first Magyars to Viktor Orbán


Cover of the book "History of the Hungarian nation: From the first Magyars to Viktor Orbán" by Catherine Horel.

© Editions Tallandier

- Corentin Léotard

, editor-in-chief of the

Courrier d'Europe centrale

, journalist based in Budapest, author of the book

Hungary under Orban 

(Plein Jour editions) 

“Hungary under Orban” © Éditions Plein jour


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