Entrance ceremonies are held at many high schools and junior high schools in Tokyo on the 7th, but schools are receiving a series of voices saying that the uniforms they ordered have not arrived even the day before.

Since all of them are uniforms ordered from a Musashino City business operator, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education is making an unusual call to participate in the entrance ceremony with plain clothes if the uniforms do not arrive.

According to the board of education of Tokyo, wards and cities, while many schools are preparing for the entrance ceremony on the 7th, "uniforms ordered even the day before the entrance ceremony" mainly in the Tama region such as Hachioji city and Machida city. I haven't received it, "he said, and parents sent him to the school one after another.

All of them are uniforms ordered by "Musashino School Uniform", which is operated by "Musashino Shoten" headquartered in Musashino City.

Even if the Board of Education of the city knows, it is said that a total of 68 schools, including

53 schools in the metropolitan high

school and 15 schools in the special needs school, have

contracts with this company, but it has an impact. I don't know how many people there are.

Also, at public junior high schools,

uniforms have arrived from some parents in

▽ Nerima Ward,

▽ Hachioji City,

▽ Musashino City,

▽ Fuchu City,

▽ Chofu City,

▽ Machida City,

▽ Kokubunji City, and

▽ Nishitokyo City.

It means that there was a contact saying that there was no such thing.

It is said that many families have received their uniforms on the 6th, but the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education says that if they do not arrive at all the metropolitan schools, they will be admitted in junior high school uniforms or in calm plain clothes. We are making unusual calls, such as allowing participation in the ceremony and taking group photos after the uniform arrives.

"Musashino Shoten" is on the homepage, "We are in a hurry to deliver. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers who have not received their uniforms yet, but for the time being. Please wait. "

Some parents come to pick up directly at the store

At the store of "Musashino School Uniform" in Hachioji, Tokyo, there were a series of parents who came directly to pick up the uniforms before the entrance ceremony, saying that the uniforms had not arrived yet.

Of these, a mother in her 40s who came to pick up her child's uniform before the entrance ceremony of Tokyo Metropolitan High School said, "I was told that I would be contacted as soon as the uniform was ready, but I will contact you until yesterday. I was worried that I couldn't make it in time as it was. I lined up in front of the store for about two and a half hours yesterday, but I couldn't receive it, and I was finally able to receive it. I did. "

In addition, there were parents who had already received their uniforms, but had nine ties and the size did not match, so they visited the store again.