China News Service, April 6. According to Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily, during the Qingming Festival holiday, a rock climber in Hong Kong accompanied his friends to the top of Lion Rock to show off his skills. He was suspected of slipping and flying off a 30-meter cliff. Fortunately, he had a safety rope to save his life. However, the head hit a rock and the man fell into a coma. The man was then rescued by the Air Service helicopter and taken to hospital.

At present, the injured man has recovered after treatment.

  It is reported that the man who fell off the cliff is 32 years old this year and has rock climbing experience. On the 5th, he made an appointment with five like-minded friends to go rock climbing at Lion Rock and climbed from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

At 2:15 p.m., he accidentally stumbled while climbing a rock with a rope at the head of Lion Mountain, and fell 30 meters off a cliff. Fortunately, the safety rope was pulled to save his life, but his head was severely injured and he fell into a coma.

When friends found it, they called the police in time and rescued him to the ground waiting for rescue.

  The police and fire department rushed to the scene to rescue the report, and called the flight service team to send a helicopter, which flew over the Lion Rock and swam down the rope. The man was rescued and taken to the hospital. After the rescue, the man has regained consciousness, but still Need to stay in intensive care unit.

  It is understood that Lion Rock has also fallen off cliffs in the past. On March 10 last year, a 31-year-old male teacher went missing while hiking in Lion Rock. The next day, his rucksack was found left on the hillside. After that, the missing teacher was four days down the hillside. He was found in a 100-meter bush and was lifted by a helicopter and sent to the hospital for treatment.