[Explanation] In recent years, "sucking cats" and "playing dogs" is becoming a new way of life for many families.

So where can these pets live after they "leave"?

For this reason, many people have turned their attention to pet funeral services.

Xi'an boy Wang Long is the head of a pet funeral company, mainly providing cremation, ashes storage and other services for deceased pets.

Recently, the reporter visited Wang Long and his pet funeral service.

  [Concurrent] Wang Long, head of Xi'an Dada Pet Life Memorial Museum

  At first, it was a very accidental opportunity, that is, I raised my own pets and then encountered this kind of thing. I personally experienced this (event), and then I felt that there was no good way, and there was no such a good place, so I just I wondered if I could make one like this (Pet Life Memorial Hall). At that time, I didn't have any reference, so I inspected a lot of national and foreign countries. After finishing, I finally decided to make such a place, so that they can have a decent death. .

  [Explanation] Pets can often bring spiritual healing and spiritual companionship to people. Many pet owners regard them as "family members" and invest a lot of time and money.

According to the "White Paper on China's Pet Consumption Trends in 2021" released by iResearch, the market size in 2020 is close to 300 billion yuan. It is expected that the pet industry will continue to grow in the next three years, and the industry scale will reach 445.6 billion yuan by 2023.

  [Explanation] With the expansion of the pet market, more and more people keep pets, so how to send away "family members" decently has become a "confusion" for many pet owners, which has given birth to the rise of the pet funeral industry.

  [Concurrent] Wang Long, head of Xi'an Dada Pet Life Memorial Museum

  Practitioners and entrepreneurs in the industry have some experiences at first, some stories with pets, and certain feelings, and then they may engage in this industry, but in recent years, the industry has experienced "blowout" growth, and then it has become more and more The more commercialization, including various commercialized propaganda, various business models and forms, I think this phenomenon is not good, and there are many bad images, bad behaviors and methods in the industry, I hope this industry can be more More and more people are paying attention to it, and then it can be reasonable and reasonable, and then it will develop more benignly.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the Pet Life Memorial Hall opened by Wang Long mainly holds a "farewell ceremony" for deceased pets, including cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.

In terms of service content, it provides body cleaning, cremation, storage of ashes, and commemorative handicraft production, etc., and also provides services of public welfare nature for stray animals in the city.

  [Explanation] The emergence of the pet funeral industry has made the "behind events" of pets more diversified, and has been recognized by the market, but some pet owners have a wait-and-see attitude towards the industry.

"Post-90s" Yang Fan is a pet lover. She has been with "Fat Dun" for 11 years. She said that she hopes that her dog will be able to leave the world "completely" in the future.

  [Concurrent] Pet owner Yang Fan

  At present, I am still reluctant for my dog ​​to leave this way (cremation), because I think it has accompanied me with its whole life, and I prefer it to leave this world "completely", of course I I have more or less understanding of the pet funeral industry. I think that everyone in this society should give more tolerance and understanding to this industry, and I will learn more about this industry in the future.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the rise of the pet funeral industry is also facing many development "dilemmas".

According to industry insiders, at present, there are no relevant laws and regulations in the industry, and market supervision is in a "gray area", resulting in an endless stream of phenomena such as non-standard industry and opaque operations.

  [Concurrent] Wang Xiaoyong, an expert from Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences

  The market should guard against using the (pet) owner's "loving pet" heart, misguided by excessive publicity, and excessive consumption by the public.

The society should pay attention to and help create a good and healthy atmosphere in the pet funeral market, and at the same time pay attention to the ethical "proportion" between humans and animals.

Relevant market supervision departments should also pay attention to the rapid growth of consumer demand and provide correct guidance.

  Mei Yilong and Li Yifan report from Xi'an

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]