A 23-year-old SDF officer of the Ground Self-Defense Force was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for taking obscene acts at a hotel with a high school boy he met on SNS and taking a picture of the situation with a smartphone.

The person arrested was Daiki Utsunomiya (23), a first-class landman belonging to the Ground Self-Defense Force Itami station in Hyogo prefecture.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in December of last year, a 17-year-old male high school student was obscenely acted at a hotel in Shiga prefecture, and the situation was photographed with a smartphone. There is a suspicion of.

It was found that the two people were communicating on SNS through the cyber patrol of the Metropolitan Police Department, so he admitted the suspicion to the investigation and stated that he could not suppress his reason.

The two met through SNS last summer and have met several times so far, so the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details.

Regarding the arrest of the SDF personnel, the Ground Self-Defense Force Itami station commented, "It is regrettable that the members have caused such a case, and we will cooperate with the police investigation as much as possible and deal with it rigorously." I am.