Various Kinder

brand chocolate products

manufactured in


have been withdrawn from the French market on suspicion that they may be the cause of

21 cases of salmonella

that have been identified in the country,

eight of which required hospitalization


The General Directorate of Health of France (DGS) explained this Tuesday in a statement that its investigations have shown that the

15 patients

who have been questioned so far have reported having consumed in the days prior to the manifestation of the

symptoms of intoxication.

any of the


Ferrero products.

It is

Kinder Surprise

in 20 gram format;

Kinder Schoko-Bons

with expiration dates between the end of April and the end of August;

Kinder Happy Moment


Kinder Mix

with expiration dates at the end of August in different formats.

All these chocolates were made in the same Ferrero


in the Belgian city of Arlon.

The cases of salmonella located in France and potentially linked to its consumption - with a median age of four years - have the same strain in genetic terms as the one responsible for an epidemic in the

United Kingdom



also associated with certain


products , he pointed out. the DGS.

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