The curfew was lifted this Friday in Martinique.

New travel rules take over, reports Martinique La 1ère.

To leave the island for another national territory, a sworn statement is mandatory.

Passengers not vaccinated against Covid-19 aged 12 and over wishing to go to mainland France or go to the island must justify a compelling reason.

They are asked for a negative PCR or antigen test.

A relaxation for the vaccinated

For people with a complete vaccination schedule, the prefecture indicates that these obligations do not apply.

If they wish to go to Martinique, they must still present a negative PCR or antigen test.

These same rules are in effect for travel to and from the West Indies and Guyana.

Finally, for passengers coming from and going to foreign countries, the procedures "vary according to the health situation of the third country and the vaccination of travelers", detailed the local authorities.


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