Film and television works lead "Hua Liu" to the world

  Recently, a number of wonderful domestic dramas and high-quality original variety shows such as "The World" have received good news of "going overseas".

With the rapid development of the domestic film and television industry and the support and guidance of policies, many outstanding achievements have been made in the "going out" of film and television works.

Overseas broadcasts resonate

  Nowadays, the simultaneous broadcast of domestic and foreign film and television works at home and abroad, and the purchase of unbroadcasted works is no longer a new thing, and the way of "going overseas" has gradually developed from landing broadcasts and selling copyrights to more diverse and in-depth forms.

Huang Dianlin, executive director of the International Communication Research Center of the Communication Institute of Communication University of China, said that film and television works are leading "Hua Liu" to the world, showing a credible, lovely and respectable image of China while telling Chinese stories.

  The first wave of domestic film and television works "Going to the Sea" came from ancient costume fantasy dramas.

In recent years, the types and themes of "going overseas" film and television works have become more diverse, and the quality has been significantly improved.

  The TV series "Big Waves Washing the Sand", which tells the story of the history of the Communist Party of China, was broadcast on many overseas new media platforms and TV stations, achieving a breakthrough in the overseas distribution and dissemination of the main theme works.

Korean TV stations have successively released the Korean versions of the suspenseful criminal investigation web drama "Who is the Murderer" and the time loop suspense web drama "The Beginning", reflecting the Korean market's love for domestic suspense-themed web dramas.

In addition, the contemporary military drama "Ace Troop" entered the Japanese market, and domestic dramas such as "There were glazed tiles in the past", "Little Girl's Clothes", "So I Love You Very Much", and "The Story of Choosing the Day" were also announced to be scheduled overseas.

  On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, the documentary "The Most Beautiful China: Songs of Four Seasons", co-produced by Sino-British Film and Television Production Company, landed on the BBC. The film connected more than 30 groups of story characters through the unique "Twenty-Four Solar Terms" in China. It shows the inclusiveness of Chinese civilization.

Major provincial satellite TVs have also become a major force in promoting the "going overseas" of film and television, such as Hunan Satellite TV's "One Button Heart", Dragon TV's "Our Song" and other programs have successfully sold overseas copyrights, attracting more Chinese original program models. The attention of overseas production companies.

Highlight the charm of Chinese culture

  Looking at the recent overseas film and television works, most of them have gained good audience reputation and market response in China.

The smooth “going to the sea” of these works is not only due to their excellent artistic quality and excellent production, but also thanks to the content that fits the interests of overseas audiences, as well as the innovative communication method of “all roads lead to Rome”, allowing high-quality works to be distributed in a variety of ways. The form landed overseas.

  The TV series "The World" was pre-purchased the exclusive overseas distribution rights at the beginning of the filming, which also requires the creators to be compatible with the international vision when creating.

Director Li Lu once proposed in an interview that every shot, every line, and every scene of "The World" must have an international perspective, and it is necessary to think about how foreign audiences will see it and how the Western world will see it.

"I'm not afraid that the 'light-word film' will be dirty and broken, but the lines, production, temperament and vision must be taken anywhere without losing the price or being ashamed."

  As an influential street dance selection reality show in China, "This!

The fourth season of "It's Street Dance" recruited a group of outstanding foreign dancers to create an international elite challenge competition where Chinese dancers compete with international dancers on the same stage.

In the program, hip-hop performances such as "Red Rabbit" and "Learning the Qin" co-operated by Chinese and foreign dancers not only showed superb dance skills, but also conveyed foreign dancers' understanding of Chinese stories, which were widely praised.

In order to further expand the influence of the program overseas, the program team specially translated the program subtitles from nearly 11 countries to promote the spread of wonderful street dance performances on overseas mainstream video platforms.

  The second season of Guangdong Satellite TV's large-scale acrobatic cultural program "Four Shockers" was selected as the key project of the "Chinese Culture Radio and Television Communication Project" of the State Administration of Radio and Television in 2021.

The program integrates various types of acrobatics such as trampoline, diabolo, silk hanging, and top chair with traditional Chinese culture and aesthetics, seeks breakthroughs in presentation methods, and integrates diverse and trendy elements across borders.

Up to now, the total number of people on overseas accounts of short videos related to the program has exceeded 8.339 million, the cumulative number of views has exceeded 1.066 million, and the cumulative number of interactions has exceeded 166,000.

  Xing Dixi, the chief director of "Four Shockers", said: "We adopted the method of 'borrowing a boat to go to sea' and selected the most exciting, eye-catching and most Chinese cultural and artistic works in the program, and released them on overseas new media platforms. Complete paragraphs. This method can directly reach active overseas audiences and increase the overseas exposure of the show." Co-produce the customized program "China 3 Minutes", create more images of Chinese culture recognized by the world, and strive to show a vivid and three-dimensional China.

  According to Huang Hua, associate professor of Fujian Normal University, from the fantasy and oriental romance fairy tales costume dramas to the realistic dramas that describe real life and present today's China, the iterations of these overseas film and television works reflect the overseas market. Changes in perception of China.

In addition, we can also see that a number of variety shows and documentaries based on traditional culture have also been loved by overseas markets, and the excellent traditional Chinese culture is being seen by the world.

Break down cultural barriers

  The momentum of domestic film and television "going overseas" is gaining momentum, but the follow-up performance of a large number of works in overseas markets is not satisfactory.

Even if some works have generated a good reputation and attention overseas, it is difficult to convert them into practical benefits.

Therefore, domestic film and television "going overseas" still has a long way to go.

  The aesthetic interests and values ​​of overseas audiences and domestic audiences are quite different, but there are also commonalities. Features such as wonderful storylines and exquisite visual presentation are the content elements that audiences at home and abroad expect.

For example, on the stage of the second season of "Fantastic Four", "The Man in the Wine", which is loved by the audience, not only shows the unique original skill rolling ring in the world, but also skillfully integrates traditional Chinese martial arts and wine culture, full of chivalry. and tension.

The international acrobatic events and world-class difficult movements combined with the narrative and themes of Chinese spirit and Chinese aesthetics have spawned wonderful performances that made audiences at home and abroad applaud.

In addition, the program will also penetrate into the moving stories behind the acrobats, and use their experiences to reflect the positive, courageous and confident spirit of contemporary Chinese people.

  In addition to good stories, we must also seek an international creative language.

In order for "Hua Liu" to truly go to the world, film and television works should not be restricted to presenting traditional Chinese culture in a conservative and complete manner, but should explore more fresh and ingenious entry points, emphasize the inclusiveness and adaptability of Chinese culture, and actively seek The international cooperation of "the United States and the United States" first establishes a certain scale of audience overseas, and then gradually increases the depth of presentation and the breadth of content for Chinese culture.

  "The fragrance of wine is also afraid of deep alleys." He Tianping, a postdoctoral fellow in sociology at Renmin University of China, shared his views on the problems of domestic film and television "going overseas", "The huge domestic market has fed film and television companies, and we are in the aspect of overseas distribution. There are still many gaps. The film and television industry needs professional overseas distribution and effective marketing, in-depth research on overseas markets, and providing refined services for audiences with different platforms, cultures, and needs. At the same time, efforts should be made to convert income other than copyright. , to extend the 'going overseas' industrial chain and enhance the bargaining power of domestic film and television."

  Going to a broader market and facing more intense competition, creators should open up their horizons, integrate into international creative ideas, and polish high-quality products with the heart of craftsmen. They must not only grasp the content of the story, but also pay attention to the way of storytelling, so that Chinese culture can be recognized in the world. There is a higher volume overseas.

(Reporter Niu Mengdi of this newspaper)