News from this newspaper (Reporter Wang Jinyue) This year's Qingming film market is a bit deserted. Among the 11 new films announced before, 8 have been withdrawn one after another. At present, only "Escape Room 2" and "Elf Hotel 4: Transformed into a Bigger" are left. "Adventure" and the domestic animation "Prairie Battle" three new films entered the market.

  Among the three new Qingming films, "Escape Room 2" has the most audience relationship.

After the film's previous work "Escape Room" was released in the mainland in 2019, it received a good box office of 231 million yuan.

However, "Escape Room 2" will be released in North America as early as July 16, 2021, and the mainland release is nearly 9 months later than the former.

The film tells the story of six champion players who have played and survived the "Minoan Room" and are once again involved in the world's top room escape game.

  Another new film, "Hotel Inn 4: Transforming Adventure", was not released in North American theaters. The film was already broadcast on streaming media in January this year.

"Hotel Elf 4: Transforming Adventure" is also the final chapter of the series. It tells the story that the entire Elf family not only has to face the unprecedented transformation of an oolong, but also has to accept the test of tacit understanding during the adventure journey, and experience all kinds of unexpected along the way. Level story.

  The only domestic animation "Battle on the Prairie" was directed by Xing Haishun. It tells the story of a wolf named "Big Gray", who failed in the battle for the wolf king. He accidentally fell into magic and turned into a sheep. .

So "Big Hui" had to live with the sheep. After all kinds of interactions, "Big Hui" decided to lead the sheep to fight against the wolves, so that the two tribes can achieve true peace.