Recently, a trailer for the movie "Minions with Big Eyes 2" has been exposed, and the official announcement that the "stupid" Minions will be released in North America on July 1.

This group of yellow capsules wearing denim overalls and glasses has been loved and sought after by the audience with their cute appearance and nonsensical expressions since their debut.

On the screen, the minions have attacked from Gru's "workers" to the protagonists with their own history. Offline, this super IP is also quietly "emptying" fans' wallets.

  Qilu Evening News reporter Song said

  From supporting role to protagonist

  The image of the Minions first appeared in the animated film "Despicable Me". As the yellow soldiers of the Gru family, the protagonist of the film, this group of Minions in overalls left a deep impression on the audience.

  It is understood that when the film's director Ke Fan was shooting the first episode, he had no choice but to turn the assistant character who was originally a humanoid into a minion because of the lack of cost, but he did not want this image to be a big success.

In the setting of the "Despicable Me" series, the minions are "Gru" and "Dr. Nefario" capsule-shaped creatures composed of two cups of mashed bananas, mutant DNA and fatty acids, they are the big bad Gru The best "part-time working day group" of the company can do scientific research, do coolies, and sing and play with children. The most important job is to be cute.

They can dress up as humans and go into the mall to buy toys. After entering, they turn around and forget about the task. When printing something, they suddenly want to sit on the printer and print their own buttocks. After being caught in prison, they become the boss inside. , tattooed his favorite banana on his body... A series of actions made the audience burst into laughter.

In the film, each Minions have their own names, they have different personalities and shapes, but they are collectively called Minions.

There is no specific language for this character. The unique language "Papa Nana Nana..." is composed of languages ​​of different countries. It is reported that the dubbing of many Minions was completed by director Kefen himself.

  With its rounded and lovely appearance and nonsensical funny settings, the supporting role Minions in "Despicable Me" was madly loved by the audience, so the Minions in "Despicable Me 2" became the first Minions after Gru. The second protagonist, in this play, Minions have self-awareness and are no longer a screw in a collective without personality.

Minions will have admiration for beautiful agents, have fantasies about love, and can mutate into violent "little purple people". This dark image brings a full sense of contrast.

  If it is said that in the two episodes of "Despicable Me", Minions are still "gags" supporting roles, then the appearance of "Minions with big eyes and cute" completely uses them as the protagonists, opening the "autobiography" of Minions.

"Minions with big eyes and cute" tells the origin of the Minions, which can be said to be the prequel to "Despicable Me".

In this movie, Minions are creatures that evolved from single cells billions of years ago, from the age of dinosaurs to the Stone Age to modern times. In the long history of animation, Minions are both loyal soldiers and chaos. 's manufacturer.

  Reality beyond "dream making"

  Whether it's the "Despicable Me" series, the "Minions With Big Eyes" series, or the "Extra Story" series, the images of the Minions are always romantic and exaggerated, they always carry comedic effects, and they are fully and idealized at the same time. It is "creating dreams" for the audience.

In the setting of the animated movie, the world of the minions is simple and simple, and they are not afraid of being kidnapped and threatened, and their escaped thinking will also allow them to play with the villains.

They are easily contented, loyal and united, industrious and brave, with a little softness hidden in their hearts. When they queued up for Gru's kiss under the moonlight, they inadvertently showed warmth. This strange contrast made the audience see the "human beauty of the animated characters". ”, giving the audience the most real moving.

  The reason why the IP of Minions can get undifferentiated love from the audience is not just because of their funny and "dream-making" images.

It is understood that the three main Minions characters in the movie are a human character divided into three.

Big brother Kevin represents conscience and is a hero in the conventional sense.

Stuart is a lazy teenager who doesn't want to do anything. He is very sarcastic and always likes to do illegal things, but his youthful air also makes him still charming.

Bob stands for innocence, he is the cutest of the three and their funny sweetheart.

  It can be said that the image of the Minions is a human being after an abstract generalization, and it is precisely because of this that the "Minions" series of animated films show the bravery, loyalty, industriousness and other fine qualities of the Minions, and they do not forget to often show their humanity. Defects or weaknesses, and deliberately emphasize or magnify them.

In "Despicable Me", Minions steal work clothes and put on stinky looks, and they are also very greedy. When they see bananas, they turn on crazy mode.

Putting them in a bustling city environment shows pure curiosity, and their simple behavior keeps them in the dilemma of being laughed at.

In "Minions With Big Eyes and Cute", the protagonist Kevin in Minions not only has a weirder shape, but also behaves very vainly, deliberately looking for the evil boss. The plot is even more comical.

  The animated image of Minions helped "Despicable Me" become the "box office dark horse" of the year, and the box office results of many series of films were also very bright.

Off-screen, Minions are also a popular symbol of "ubiquity" across games, art, and life.

In the Minion Park of Universal Studios Beijing, which just opened last year, Minion ice cream has become a "must punch" hot product, and the Minion popcorn cart is even more difficult to find in a long queue.

The game "Despicable Me: Minion Run" adapted from the movie has also become a popular hit with high downloads.

It is understood that "Minions Big Eyes 2" incorporates some Chinese culture, as well as the new Minion character "Brace God" Odou and the new villain "Six Kings of Evil", which are expected to bring a brand new experience to the audience. movie viewing experience.