Harry Styles should have played a character in

Robert Eggers '

Nosferatu remake.

A film in which he would have given the reply to Anya Taylor-Joy who was also attached to the project.

But the pop star ultimately had to back out due to her busy schedule, according to



A blessing in disguise, since the project is at a standstill, at least for now.

Robert Eggs has focused on

The Northman

, his next Viking-themed film in which he's also cast the Queens



However, the filmmaker does not lose sight of his remake of the Murnau classic, which is quite simply one of his favorite films.

An unbeatable classic

"It was an indie horror film in its day, a little raw, and it's still one of the greatest and most terrifying films ever made," Robert Eggers told streaming platform Shudder. for which he had concocted a list of his favorite films a few years ago.

So who knows, maybe this


will see the light of day and allow Anya Taylor-Joy and Harry Styles to meet on screen.

In the meantime, the singer is not lacking in occupations since he is preparing the release of his third solo album,

Harry's House

, of which a first single,

As It Was

, has just been released.


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