"Escape Room 2" was released, and "the script kills the movie" became popular as the "new social favorite" of young people

  The new film "Escape Room 2" was officially released today, attracting many young audiences through the popular offline entertainment method - Escape Room.

In 2021, "Famous" has won the audience's favor with its "script-killing" story setting and ups and downs of suspenseful plots, becoming the "phenomenal" film of the year.

Data shows that the market size of script killing and escape room has exceeded 10 billion last year, becoming the "new social favorite" of young people nowadays.

In this context, the linkage between offline trendy entertainment and film and television is becoming more and more frequent, and has gained great market attention.

  Text: Huang An, all-media reporter of Guangzhou Daily

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  "Escape Room 2" released

  High-energy secret room upgrade restart

  Directed by Adam Robitel and starring Tyler Russell and Logan Miller, "Escape Room 2" is officially released.

  Continuing the previous work, the film focuses on players solving puzzles, with multiple groups of different secret rooms interlocking: laser rays with nowhere to escape, quicksand levels, subway cars with 10,000-volt voltage, city streets with sudden acid rain... Former champions Players face extreme challenges with many crises, and the super audio-visual sensory effects bring a more tense, exciting and terrifying viewing experience to the audience.

  As an offline entertainment method that has been popular for many years, there are many movies derived from escape room.

Among them, the "Escape Room" series has attracted much attention.

After its release in China in 2019, it not only won a box office of 232 million yuan, but also received rave reviews from the audience for its immersive experience and brain-burning plot.

This time, "Escape Room 2" is not only more efficient in the design of puzzles, but also the design ingenuity of many secret rooms is also appreciated.

The bustling subway station, the sunny holiday beach, the streets full of traffic, etc., and the design of the secret room environment like real life, make the audience feel the sense of crisis and urgency.

Many netizens commented that "it's pure and refreshing", "creative sense and tension coexist", "more exciting, and sweaty palms"...

  "Script kills the movie" attracts attention, immersive, interactive, and tasteful

  As a popular offline entertainment method nowadays, script killing, escape room and film and television are becoming more and more closely linked.

However, compared with escape room movies, "script kill movies" is a new concept that has only appeared in the past two years.

  Last year, the domestic film "Make Your Famous" caught fire.

The story setting of the film is very similar to the gameplay of the script killing: on a dark and windy night for a month, a group of unwilling filmmakers gathered in a villa to remake a major case into a movie. Discuss the truth of the case.

  After the film was released, many audiences became addicted to reasoning in the ups and downs and exciting plots. The immersive and interactive experience is very suitable for the tastes of young audiences. Strong word of mouth also made the film's box office continue to rise, and finally won 9.26 100 million yuan, becoming the "dark horse" of the market.

  After "Famous" became popular, the emerging concept of "scripts kill movies" accelerated related films to "break the circle". Previously released "The Uninvited Guest", "Knives Out", "The Wind", "The Invisible Guest" and "The Orient Express" Movies such as Murder are also classified as "script kill movies".

  "Script Kill" is a reasoning game that first appeared in Europe and the United States, and it is an existence similar to a court hearing.

Nowadays, this kind of game incorporates more acting elements. Players can not only become detectives responsible for solving cases, but also become parties to cases or even murderers.

  In 2016, the first season of the variety show "Star Detective" premiered on Mango TV, and it was updated at a rate of one season a year.

The "out of the circle" of the show accelerated the start and popularity of the script-killing game with a low threshold, strong social interaction, and heavy experience.

  Film and script kill "two-way blood transfusion", the road to integration is long and difficult

  The popularity of the offline market has allowed script killings, which naturally have some similar factors, to interact more with the film and television industry.

The examples of "marriage" are increasing day by day, realizing "two-way blood transfusion".

  At present, film and television works such as "Celebrating More Than Years", "Detective Chinatown 3", "Assassination of the Novelist" and "There Is Her in the World" have launched the same-named script killing, and the popular script killing "Annual Ring" has also been announced for film and television adaptation, which is expected to be realized. Feedback to the film and television industry.

In addition to the authorization and adaptation of IP, the two are also playing more and more in marketing.

For example, before the release of the movie "Assassination of a Novelist", the script of the same name was listed first, and a marketing campaign of "play the script and get a movie ticket" was launched, trying to use the popularity of the script to boost movie marketing.

  With the prosperity of the script killing industry, more and more film and television talents have been attracted to join.

For example, many film and television screenwriters have switched to the script-killing screenwriting industry, with higher creative freedom, higher income, and optimistic industry prospects.

  The addition of screenwriter talents makes the script of the script killing more enriched and refined.

Nowadays, the script killings around "murder cases" are not only "killing", but also different types such as emotional, joyful, witty camp, and hard-core reasoning, which are enough to bring rich experiences to different players.

  However, the road to integration of "script kills film and television" is still a long way off.

First of all, in terms of creation, the copyright issue is complicated, and the tastes of consumers on both sides are also different.

These all require constant practice and exploration by creators in both industries.

  Some people in the industry believe that movies such as "Famous" and "Escape Room" are essentially typical suspense film narrative modes, but because these entertainment methods are popular, coupled with the film's marketing, it is easier for everyone to substitute.

To make a real "script kills movie", the most important thing is to cultivate good IP, and then think about film and television.

  It is worth mentioning that the script killing also experienced the phenomenon of "acclimatization" in the creation of film and television IP books.

Some films are very popular, but they do not have the conditions to be adapted into scripts.

Therefore, it is very important to find the content direction.

Both parties need to come up with good works in order to better guide each other.