A special April 1st with surprises, that's what Nagui had promised for the two episodes of

Don't forget the words

broadcast this Friday.

Viewers were able to discover that the host had not lied since it was Olivier Minne and Sidonie Bonnec who landed on the set at the start of the show.

In a short clip offered before the program, we see the two animators lock Nagui in his dressing room.

Those who usually play

Everyone has a say

therefore orchestrated the game as if nothing had happened.

It is only at the beginning of the second number that we see Nagui come out of his lair and slip behind the scenes to play tricks on the hosts and the candidates.

"Do you know the story of the sprinkler sprinkled?"


On set, Arnaud Gidoin and Mélanie Page came to test their knowledge of song lyrics.

Nagui's wife tried her luck with

The ink of your eyes

by Francis Cabrel.

“You will always come from the side where the sun rises”, sings the actress correctly.

Except that on the air, we discover a few minutes later that we had to sing "sleep", arousing the astonishment of Mélanie Page.

A few moments earlier, Nagui had indeed asked the technical teams of the show to invalidate the words of his companion.

“You note his answer and we will say that it is not good”, had joked the animator in control.

At the end of the show, Nagui discreetly returned to the set to confess his sins.

"Do you know the story of the sprinkler sprinkled?"

“asked the host before explaining that he was in control and that he had validated bad words.

"You're right, it was the sun and not sleep," he told her before the actress let out a cry of relief.

"There, I was right," she exclaimed.


Nagui reacts to the words of Lio who thinks he is "too popular" to be invited to "Taratata"


"The Artist": "It's a negative balance sheet from a financial point of view", admits Nagui

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