Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia is known as the "Hometown of Chinese Swans". Thousands of swans rest here every year during the migration season.

In November last year, a young whooping swan, which was supposed to follow its parents to the Yellow River Basin for wintering, was left behind on its autumn migration and left alone in Balinyou Banner, Chifeng.

How does it survive the winter in the ice and snow?

Today, Chifeng has welcomed batches of migratory birds migrating in spring. Has this "ugly duckling" who has not grown up found his parents?

  Baby swan: Hello everyone, I am a whooper swan, from the far north of Siberia.

You ask me why I didn't wear a white dress like jade, but looked ashamed?

Because I'm just over a year old and I'm still a baby!

  More than 4 months ago, I followed my parents on the migration road. They said they would go to a place with a big yellow river to spend the cold winter.

As a result, because of naughty, I accidentally got lost, and I couldn't find my parents and my partner who set out with me.

I was so anxious that I chased around to find this place, and I no longer knew where to go.

  It didn't take long for the sky to snow and the water to freeze, and I felt the cold of the northern winter for the first time.

In this place called Bahrain Lake, I barely perched in a small piece of unfrozen living water.

But because there was no place to forage, I was so hungry that I couldn't even fly.

  Just when I felt like I couldn't hold on, some people found me, they brought me food, and they watched me from a distance.

At first, I didn't dare to go there easily, but after a long time, I found that they wouldn't hurt me, and the food became more and more delicious.

Since then, people have come to see me every day, and they say that I have become a little "Internet celebrity" here, and some people have written a song for me.

  Time flies so fast, now I am not only stronger, but also more energetic to fly.

I smelled the breath of spring, and flocks of migratory birds passed by and headed north.

How much I want to see my parents coming back from the south earlier, they should miss me as much as I miss them.

  Bird Care Volunteer Hasbagan: (Not long ago) I went to the river to watch our "net celebrity swans" as usual at around seven in the morning. At this time, two swans suddenly flew over from the south, calling loudly. At that time, the baby swan was very restless, and immediately took off to the west bank of the river to join the two swans, and soon the three of them flew away to the north.

This baby swan must have found a family. I am very happy, excited, and reluctant to part with it. (hope) when the baby swan family moves south in the second half of the year, the baby swan family will come to our Bahrain Right Banner as a guest and take a rest.

  (Headquarters CCTV reporter Wen Yongyi Wang Chenhu and Muren Chifengtai Shi Zilong Bahrain Right Banner Taihai Ligan)