• Marta Ortega: the president of Inditex and trend hunter who will reinvent fast fashion

  • María Torretta: "Marta Ortega belongs to the family and with her we talk about family issues, not about fashion or business"

  • Pablo Isla leaves Inditex at the top and prepares his future

The assumption of

the (non-executive) presidency of Inditex by Marta Ortega

has finally happened;

an event that caused a stir at the time and that now that it has ended, it returns to trigger headlines and hypotheses about the


it will have to face.

They are not few, because to raise the figures again (which is already happening) after the pandemic and alleviate the problems of supplies and transport that are happening here and now is added a renovation of stores, image and design.

Wow, a titanic task for which

Ortega has been preparing all his life


That she is the heiress of Amancio is anything but coincidence... Just as it happens with

a handful of women who are taking charge of large fashion companies in Spain


Marta Ortega at Inditex

The story is well known that Ortega began her career in the family business as

a shop assistant in one of the London stores

, where she moved after studying at the University of A Coruña to complete her training at the Business School.

This was a path that followed the guidelines set for all Inditex employees, that is, starting from the field of the store and getting to know closely what is happening with customers.

empirical method.

She told the Wall Street Journal that she thought she wouldn't make it past the first week, but that

"then you develop a kind of addiction to the store" and that this is "the heart of the company

. "

After that period, Marta Ortega returned to Galicia to start performing different functions within Inditex.

No specific position that she made public then: the only thing that she knew and knows is that she was in charge of supervising the design and operations work at

Zara Woman... Something that she noticed


Boy, did she do it: it's no coincidence that the Studio collections took that turn or that Steven Meisel became the head photographer for the most important campaigns of the season;

nor that Atelier was launched and that Paolo Roversi immortalized it, or that more special pieces with more careful materials and greater attention to detail can now be found on the fixed shelves



approach to premium, when not luxury


it's not random.


The replacement of Pablo Isla has happened without great ceremonies and with the discretion that Ortega and his family have always displayed: that low profile is almost a norm in the company and a lifestyle that has only increased the fascination that feel for them.

Especially when it comes to perseverance and work.

Something that has not been lacking in another of those proper names that have taken control of one of the best-known companies in our country: Marta Álvarez.

Marta Álvarez in El Corte Inglés

It is true that

El Corte Inglés

cannot be considered solely textile, but the fashion leg of a giant that is entangled in the collective imagination cannot be ignored, no matter how much its expansion has led it to be a place where you can find almost anything you can imagine.

She is also, luckily, a female president.

At least since



Almost three years ago,

in July 2019, Álvarez assumed the presidency of El Corte Inglés

after there was a notorious internal war in the department stores that ended with the

departure of Dimas Gimeno, his cousin


When he left, ECI began to be led, for the first time in history, by someone who was not from the family... and who is no longer.

His name, Jesús Nuño de la Rosa.

During this time,

Álvarez, daughter of Isidoro Álvarez, nephew and successor of the company's founder


Ramón Areces,

has held the presidency without neglecting an exhaustive monitoring of the Woman brand, which was created under his responsibility.

Of course, the professional career of this

Law graduate

began at

Viajes El Corte Inglés

, and after a few years outside of Spain, she joined the establishment in Castellana, where she began as

a fashion seller


Sounds familiar, right?

Álvarez, passionate about art and with a history at


auction house , has also helped El Corte Inglés digitally transform, which continues to reinvent itself.

Now, with the creation of a

Delegated Executive Committee

that will be the highest executive body of the company.

As expected, it will be chaired by Marta Álvarez, who is already president of the Company's Board of Directors.

Cristina Marino in Roberto Verino

Another woman who is exercising control over her family's company is

Cristina Mariño

, who was put in charge of her father's company, Roberto Verino, in October 2021



he does not like the word heiress

because "the term itself implies that my father would be missing, and that is something that I did not even consider," he told Yo Dona in an interview.

He has not had to miss so that the designer gives the witness to her daughter, who currently co-directs the company with its executive director, Dora Casal.

One of the characteristics that best defines Mariño is tenacity.

She grew up among patterns and fabrics and always knew that he would follow in his father's footsteps


In fact, she was the only one in the family who wanted to do it.

Perhaps for this reason, perhaps due to pure personal desire, her goals for Roberto Verino are anything but small.

They want to continue with internationalization and digitization

without losing sight of the essence of simplicity and normative elegance that have made them position themselves in a stable manner in the market.

So much so that he hopes that with them the saying that grandparents set up the business, children increase it and grandchildren finish it, will not be fulfilled.

Although, yes, Mariño has always stressed that he has no intention of pressuring any of his three children to go to work in the family business that runs between Orense and Barcelona.

Elena Forges in Myrtle

As a woman at the helm of the family business founded by her predecessors, we must also mention

Elena Fraguas, Adjunct Counselor to the Presidency who, together with her brother Ricardo

(general manager), leads the


brand , a firm that has been alive for more than 65 years and which has gone from being a benchmark for men's shirts to being a benchmark for women's and men's fashion.

Perhaps the founder,

Ricardo Fraguas,

did not imagine the future of his company and how it would end up being run even by Doña Letizia, but his daughter Elena continues to keep him very present in her speech.

Both to him and to his shirt-making origin and the know-how that characterizes the firm:

everything is made in Spain

, specifically in Madrid, under high quality standards that revolve around both technological innovation and craftsmanship.

It is a difficult balance to achieve, but not impossible, especially when she has lived since she was a teenager:

Elena spent a good part of her summers being in her father's factories

and seeing how the product was made from scratch.

Adriana Dominguez in Adolfo Dominguez


Adriana Domínguez

is mentioned , the surname may give clues to the company she leads right now.


Adolfo Domínguez

, another of those brands that have been in the minds of the Spanish consumer for years and, however, right now is covered with a layer of novelty that makes it one of those that has evolved more and better in this regard.

Adolfo Domíguez decided in 2020 to take a step back

so that his


, then


, would assume the presidency of the company, but it was not a capricious decision: the appointment was made

unanimously by the members of the company's board of directors

after of a favorable report from the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, made up of independent directors.

And things have gone so well for the company under the command of Adriana Domínguez that

in 2021 she was re-elected with the support of 99.9% of the board


The creator's daughter has been

preparing for it for years

: in November 2016 she was a director of the company, while she was gaining weight within the company.

From 2017 to 2019, she assumed the position of General Director, to later become CEO, until it was her turn to become president.

Trained in Economics, Adriana Domínguez has had to face the no small task of

reviving the company after the recession caused by the pandemic

, something that she is carrying out by focusing both on her concept of author fashion and on another of the now essential legs for fashion companies: digitization.

According to different reports, the increase in electronic commerce for the brand founded in 1950 by her grandparents is 62%, a very remarkable figure that speaks of new profiles.

Just like those who are drawing patterns and cutting fabric right now in the Spanish textile business network.

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