【On-site】You can wait for the vaccination in the vaccination room.

  [Commentary] Raise the volume from time to time and repeat it to the elderly several times. Even if the Mandarin is spoken with a "Taiwanese accent", make sure that the elderly understand the relevant details. This is the debut of Taiwanese youth Zhang Jiaying's volunteer activities in Guangzhou. He admitted that it was a little stressful.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Zhang Jiaying

  The feeling is that I have to learn Cantonese as soon as possible, there may be some obstacles in communication, but I still try to learn Cantonese well.

  [Commentary] Among the volunteers, in addition to Zhang Jiaying, Chen Zhenlin from Taipei, and Chen Zhenlin from Taipei, and the one who distributed gifts to residents after the vaccination and observation was completed, was Zhang Jiaying's brother-in-law Ke Zhengliang, who is already engaged in textiles in Guangzhou Trading for more than 20 years, this time he brought his brother-in-law to do volunteer work.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Ke Zhengliang

  Last week, I saw that there was an urgent need for volunteers, so we asked the secretary-general of our youth association to tell the Taiwan Affairs Office that we wanted to participate in volunteer activities, and the Taiwan Affairs Office also actively helped us.

  [Explanation] The weather in Guangzhou has changed recently, but what remains unchanged is that the demand for volunteers on the front line of epidemic prevention and control has always existed.

The Party and Mass Service Center of Jiangnan Middle Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou is promoting the vaccination of the community. After seeing the recruitment information, three young Taiwanese signed up to participate.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Zhang Jiaying

  In fact, I just finished the third shot of the vaccine yesterday. No matter which shot it is, I have seen many volunteers like this. It was learned from textbooks when I was a child and used it in the society. Of course, there is a way to use it. In society, if you have the opportunity, you must make such a contribution.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Chen Zhenlin

  The reason why I want to participate (volunteer service) is because I have been in Guangzhou for ten years, and the government has given us a lot of help. For example, this epidemic also gave us free nucleic acid testing and vaccination. Then I also want to give back to this Society, do something like this.

  [Explanation] Zhang Jiaying is responsible for entering vaccination information for vaccinated residents, printing forms, and communicating with the elderly is sometimes laborious, and other volunteers next to them will also help.

Chen Zhenlin is responsible for guiding at the door. It is also one of his responsibilities to check everyone's health code and respond to the questions raised by the neighbors.

Ke Zhengliang and Chen Zhenlin both have their own companies in Guangzhou. They both put down their jobs to volunteer, while Zhang Jiaying has just arrived in Guangzhou for half a year, and started a business in mainland China with his partner, and has unlimited vision for the future.

  Reporter Wang Qingran and Zou Siyao report from Guangzhou

Responsible editor: [Ye Pan]