National Attributes and World Significance: Dual Perspectives for Understanding Chinese-style Modernization

[In-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era]

  Achieving modernization, as a significant symbol of the development and progress of human civilization, is the common goal that all countries in the world have been striving for since modern times.

Chinese-style modernization is a successful exploration of the Chinese Communist Party united and led the Chinese people in the wave of world modernization. It not only follows the universal laws of modernization, but also has its own unique characteristics based on national conditions.

National attributes and world significance are two perspectives for understanding the connotation, direction and contribution of the Chinese-style modernization path.

The Chinese national attribute of the Chinese-style modernization road

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that my country's modernization is a modernization with a huge population size, a modernization in which all the people are prosperous, a modernization in which material civilization and spiritual civilization are coordinated, a modernization in which man and nature coexist in harmony, and a modernization that takes the path of peaceful development.

It is in the historical process of pursuing these goals and missions that the Party united and led the people to explore a Chinese-style modernization path with distinctive Chinese national attributes.

Its characteristics are mainly reflected in five aspects.

  First, adhere to the party's leadership as the foundation.

In all stages of socialist modernization and in all aspects of national governance, the Communist Party of China has given full play to its core leadership role of overseeing the overall situation and coordinating all parties. Various subjects and various element resources.

Under the leadership of the party, various organizations have effectively carried out division of labor and cooperation, minimized conflict of goals, and ensured the optimal allocation of limited resources.

As far as completing socialist transformation, carrying out comprehensive and large-scale socialist construction, advancing reform and opening up, and establishing a socialist market economic system, as far as winning the battle against poverty, building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and achieving major strategic achievements in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, To promote high-quality economic development, the leadership of the party is fundamental.

In a modern society full of uncertainties, the Communist Party of China, as a political party with a high degree of self-consciousness and ability to organize and mobilize, has led the Chinese people to achieve great achievements in socialist modernization.

At the same time, in practice, the party has explored a successful path to jump out of the historical cycle rate by relying on self-revolution, and unswervingly promoted the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, providing a strong political guarantee for a good start and a good start for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.

  Second, follow the universal laws of modernization and the attributes of the socialist system.

Chinese-style modernization is the result of the Chinese Communist Party's leadership of the people in the world modernization trend, combined with the country's development path, resource endowment and historical orientation.

Similar to the modernization path of many countries, Chinese-style modernization is embodied in economic industrialization, urbanization in social life, cultural diversity, and improvement of people's well-being. At the same time, its connotation is closely related to the attributes of the socialist system and China's national conditions. connected.

For example, in the political field, upholding the organic unity of the Party's leadership, the people being masters of the country and the rule of law is the most fundamental task in developing socialist democratic politics, and the concept of people's democracy in the whole process is put forward.

In the economic field, we put forward a development program that combines the general elements of economic modernization and the particularity of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, such as the socialist commodity economy and the socialist market economy.

In the field of culture, promote the coordinated development of material civilization and spiritual civilization, and continuously improve the quality of people's civilization and the level of social civilization.

In the social field, adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, transform economic achievements into people's well-being, and strengthen social construction with a focus on ensuring and improving people's livelihood.

In the field of ecology, practice the important concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and pursue the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

  Third, the vision of realizing common prosperity for all people is the vision.

Common prosperity is the essential requirement of socialism and an important feature of Chinese-style modernization.

Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out that "the essence of socialism is to liberate productive forces, develop productive forces, eliminate exploitation, eliminate polarization, and finally achieve common prosperity", and advocated that problems in the development process should be solved through development, so that some people get rich first, Wealth first drives the wealth later, and finally achieves common prosperity.

After reform and opening up, China has achieved rapid development unprecedented in human history, and the goal of some people getting rich first has been basically achieved.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has grasped the new changes in the development stage, and has placed a more important position on gradually realizing the common prosperity of all the people.

The Fifth Plenary of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China identified "more obvious substantive progress for common prosperity of all people" as one of the long-term goals of basically realizing socialist modernization by 2035.

In practice, our party highly unifies the promotion of common prosperity and the promotion of people's all-round development, emphasizing that common prosperity "is the prosperity of the people's material and spiritual life", a vision that is in line with "modernization in harmony with material civilization and spiritual civilization". The goals and missions are highly consistent.

  Fourth, to promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity as a path.

Since the reform and opening up, in line with the development of the socialist market economy, my country has actively introduced organizational and institutional elements of modern state governance, promoted the reform of the relationship between the central and local governments, delegated power to local governments, and ceded benefits to the society, laying an important institutional foundation for economic and social development.

Entering the new century, in order to solve the problem of national governance and public management with the government as the single main body, some public service production and supply functions are handed over to market players and social organizations. Performance evaluation tools to continuously improve government governance capabilities.

The Third Plenary Meeting of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will perfect and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity as the general goal of comprehensively deepening the reform.

In recent years, we have actively embraced the digital age, promoted the systematic digital transformation of the government, and explored and formed world-leading innovations in national governance and public management such as “run at most once”, “city brain” and “one network management”.

During the epidemic, government departments used digital technology to develop "precise intelligent control" tools such as health codes, itinerary codes, and five-color maps, which achieved effective epidemic prevention and control and restarted economic and social life in a relatively short period of time, reflecting China's continuous improvement in governance capabilities. level of modernization.

  Fifth, take the adjustment and balance under multiple goals as the logic.

As the world's most populous country and the world's largest developing country, the Chinese-style modernization process is full of risks and challenges. Any kind of goal setting may affect a group equivalent to the population of an independent country.

In order to bridge the conflicts that may be brought about by multiple goals such as security, stability, and development, our party has explored a series of mechanisms to balance the needs of different groups and goals at different times in practice, which has effectively improved the adaptability and flexibility of super-large countries. sex.

In the vertical dimension, actively explore the combination of bottom-up and top-down, seek solutions to universal policy goals by means of policy pilots, stimulate governance vitality by encouraging local innovation, and at the same time, give full play to the people's congresses and CPPCC at all levels It plays a role in gathering social conditions, public opinion and governance wisdom, and absorbs more local governance experience into the national governance system, so as to better realize the adaptive adjustment of national governance.

In the time dimension, use the advantages of party-managed cadres to ensure the relative stability of the main governance objectives and the relative flexibility of the territorial governance objectives under the limited tenure of leading cadres. Relative autonomy in short-term goals, ensuring that short-term goals are aligned with medium- and long-term goals.

This behavioral logic of adjusting balance under multiple goals is the action guarantee to transform institutional advantages into governance efficiency and continuously promote Chinese-style modernization.

The World Significance of the Chinese-Style Modernization Road

  The "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Party's Centennial Struggle" pointed out that the Party led the people to successfully walk out of the Chinese-style modernization path, created a new form of human civilization, expanded the way for developing countries to modernize, and provided the world's existing Countries and nations that want to speed up development and maintain their independence have provided new options.

The Chinese-style modernization path is not only the path and plan for China to realize modernization, but also has global significance and contains universal experience and wisdom.

  On the one hand, Chinese-style modernization is an important part of the process of world modernization.

  As a large country accounting for one-fifth of the world's population, as a late-developing country that has been poor and weak for a long time since modern times, and was still at the end of the modernization process in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the realization of China's modernization itself is of great significance to the world.

Specifically, China has used 9% of the world's arable land to feed 20% of the world's population, and has successfully solved the problem of feeding more than 1.4 billion people; it has successfully pushed socialism with Chinese characteristics into the 21st century, shaking the dominant capital In just over 70 years, it has effectively promoted economic development and maintained long-term social stability, reaching the level achieved by Western developed countries after hundreds or even hundreds of years of development, leaping to the second largest economy in the world. And effectively resist the global economic crisis, become a new engine of global economic growth; and so on.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, my country has organized and implemented the largest and most powerful poverty alleviation battle in human history and won an overall victory, completely eliminated absolute poverty, and built a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. Promote the modernization of over one billion people.

So far, no more than 30 countries and regions in the world have achieved modernization, with a total population of no more than 1 billion.

Moreover, my country has gone a step further on this basis. Internally, it has put on the agenda the more obvious and substantive progress of promoting common prosperity for all people, and is committed to promoting common prosperity through high-quality development; externally, it has promoted the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. Cooperation platforms such as the Belt and Road Initiative promote the implementation of global public goods such as global development initiatives.

As the largest and most efficient modernization in human history, as a modernization on the socialist road, and as a modernization with the purpose of improving the well-being of all people, Chinese-style modernization has made historic contributions and demonstrations to the cause of global development, and has significantly changed the world. The trend and pattern of development reflects the diversity of human civilization development.

  On the other hand, Chinese-style modernization provides important references and lessons for the modernization process of other countries.

  The worldwide significance of Chinese-style modernization lies not only in assuming the mission and responsibility of a major country, but also in providing important experience for late-developing countries to achieve modernization, especially today when the "myth" of Western modernization is gradually fading, expanding the way for developing countries to modernize , leading the direction of human civilization.

For example, Chinese-style modernization correctly handles the relationship between universality and particularity. It not only follows the universal laws of modernization, and promotes the common values ​​of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom for all mankind, but also inherits China's Historical and cultural traditions, practicing the development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, with a very high degree of display, it has shown the world a new path of independence, inclusiveness, and modernization.

Another example is that Chinese-style modernization correctly handles the relationship between the leading force and the main force. The Communist Party of China has excellent leadership, organization, coordination, and execution capabilities, and regards realizing, maintaining and developing the interests of the people as the key to the new path of Chinese-style modernization. The fundamental starting point is to give full play to the wisdom and strength of the people and provide an endless stream of dynamic support for the modernization drive.

  What is more meaningful is that, compared with practical experience in a small-scale, small-scale, short-history, and monocultural context, a kind of practice that can be practiced in a large country with a huge volume, complexity and heritage of 5,000 years of history and culture. An effective modernization path has stronger adaptability to multi-cultural, multi-context and complex environments, and has more comprehensive multi-dimensional and multi-stage theoretical, institutional and policy choices. For countries and regions that have recently entered the historical process of modernization, It also provides new ideas and new solutions for countries and regions that are in trouble in the modernization process of Western centralism.

Of course, Chinese-style modernization is in progress, and it has always maintained an open attitude, constantly enriching and developing the connotation and universal significance of experience.

Facing the future, Chinese-style modernization is bound to sing along, write a new chapter in the development of human civilization, and contribute more wisdom to the trend of world modernization.

(Author: Yu Jianxing and Huang Biao, President of Zhejiang Gongshang University, Dean of the Institute of Social Governance of Zhejiang University, and Researcher of the School of Public Administration of Zhejiang University)