• Pablo Isla leaves Inditex at the top and prepares his future

  • María Torretta: "Marta Ortega belongs to the family and with her we talk about family issues, not about fashion or business"

  • The largest Zara in the world opens and Uterqüe closes: the new steps of Inditex

Although it is not to everyone's taste, Inditex's business and production system has been more than profitable for several decades.

Thus, it is to be hoped that the

renovation of

Marta Ortega

does not have to do with that type of structure, but with a different plane


It is true that at the operational level it will have to face several challenges, such as the problem in the supply chain derived from the coronavirus first and the war between Russia and Ukraine later, but

there are some changes that customers can already begin to observe

: those of the





Here is your revolution.

Since its inception, it has been said that

Zara intended to bring catwalk trends closer to everyday life

, to 'democratize' fashion.

And although that is a myth that has already been showing its shortcomings and its edges, it is a message that is still present in the company, which aims, in the words of Marta Ortega, that

"not only a few people have access to high quality, but that this opportunity reaches the whole world"


A path that they have begun to travel thanks to the Join Life


("which are produced using technologies and raw materials that help reduce the environmental impact") or

more limited collections such as Atelier or Studio


In them, the selected designs are as pampered as the way they are presented, usually through the lens of fashion photographer

Steven Meisel,


Paolo Roversi

has also made appearances on the web.

There is attention to patterns, to


, to embellishments;

to the models, who increasingly echo the necessary


, to the quality of the images and to the entire narrative that accompanies them.

One that is not only close to premium, but directly luxury.

The supervision work carried out by Ortega

plays a fundamental role there

, as he is in charge of

reviewing the work of the design team

and actively participates in this decision-making (or has been so until now).

Because although it is not the first time that the shadow of excessive inspiration flies over Zara, the work of the creative team is more and more evident in

their own designs that they make "from scratch",

as Ortega told the Wall Street Journal.

And it is something that can already be appreciated:

there are pieces that, speaking clearly, are 'very Zara'


That identify the Woman section, where Ortega would have worked the longest, that identify a very specific aesthetic sense that, however, has the ability to adapt thanks to its enormous capacity for production and response.

In this sense, Ortega said that Zara wants to

"build bridges between the catwalks and the street, the past and the present, technology and fashion, art and functionality

. "

A message that has already been felt in all these new collections that have been launched in recent months and that adjusts, as is usual in Inditex's flagship, to a multitude of aesthetic schools and needs.

What are you a lover of silent luxury?

Go to the premium basics section.

What do you prefer impressive pieces that make you dream?

Search the Studio or the general collection to find surprising garments, like the ones in the proposal with the New York Ballet.



is your workhorse?

Do not leave Join Life and keep in mind that this area is a

"strategic priority"

of the group, which intends to use 100% renewable energy this year and the elimination of single-use plastics for customers in 2023, when 100% cotton will be "more sustainable", as will cellulosic fibers.

In 2040, they want to reach "net zero emissions".

And so, little by little, it is how a fast fashion brand is transformed into a firm in line with the times and that once again hooks those who had already fallen in love.

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