China News Service, Mianyang, March 30 (Hu Yu) Recently, at the Laohegou Nature Conservation Center of Pingwu County, Pingwu County, the Giant Panda National Park in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, the staff were pleasantly surprised to find that they were placed on the road from the recovered infrared camera. The infrared camera on the side captured a precious picture of the national first-class protected wild animal Asian golden cat eating. This is also the first high-definition image of a golden cat eating in China.

  Judging from the picture, it is suspected that the Asian golden cat killed a crested deer and is eating. This picture of the golden cat eating during the day lasted for 50 minutes. At the same time, several videos of night eating were also found in the infrared camera.

  The Asian golden cat, referred to as the golden cat, is a medium-sized feline that lives in forest habitats.

In the "List of National Key Protected Wild Animals" (2021 edition) released by the state, the golden cat is listed as a national first-class protected wild animal.

Having received little attention for so long, golden cats are by far one of the least understood felines.

Historically, golden cats were widely distributed in the mountains and forests of South China and Southwest my country, but the existing distribution area has shrunk significantly compared with the past.

  The mysterious "hunter" golden cat appeared in the forest area of ​​Laohegou, indicating that Laohegou is gradually becoming a space for wild animals to grow freely.

As a predator at the top of the food chain, the golden cat assumes the responsibility of controlling some animal populations to avoid excess. The rich biodiversity and food resources of Laohegou have become the basis for the stable supply of the golden cat population.