The story of four inseparable friends who go through extraordinary adventures! 


, fiction created by Quoc Dang Tran and the first French fantasy series on Disney+, features four characters, Samuel (Thomas Chomel, one of the stars of


), his brother, Victor (Maxime Bergeron/Jules Houplain), his best friend Bilal (Timoté Rigault/Omar Mabrouk) and Romane (Victoria Eber/Jade Pedri), Samuel's crush.

While celebrating Bilal's birthday, three of them mysteriously disappear.

They will reappear in the series at different times in their lives or in parallel dimensions.

Only Samuel remains in the present day, as past, present, future, and the multiverse blend and merge.

Timoté Rigault cut his teeth in Malik Chibane's film

Les Enfants de la chance.

After an appearance in season 3 of


on TF1, he plays Bilal, the son of Sofia (Naidra Ayadi), a researcher in quantum physics, who is secretly in love with Romane, who herself only has eyes for Samuel , his best friend.

Actor Timoté Rigault answers all your questions about the Parallèles series or about his career as an actor, in Insta Live, on the 20 Minutes Instagram account this Tuesday at 6 p.m.

To ask your questions to Timoté Rigault, please fill out the form below.


"Parallèles", a French-style "Stranger Things" mixed with Nordic thrillers


“Parallels”: Disney+ unveils a new and thundering trailer

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