This is a great first for Mick Jagger.

It may seem surprising for a musician who has more than 60 years of career, but that's it, the singer of the Rolling Stones has written his very first TV series credits.

At 78 years old.

On April 1, Apple TV+ will air the series

Slow Horses

, based on the novels by author Mick Herron.

And fans of the Stones will be able to hear the brand new title of the leader of the group.

If he decided to embark on this adventure, it is for a very simple reason: Mick Jagger is a big fan of these spy books.

“It's a very popular book series, so I knew what it was about.

I knew the vibe very well, so as soon as composer Daniel Pemberton sent me the track, I took down a few pages of notes on what I thought was the subject.

It came very, very quickly, which is always a good sign,” he told



Worrying but not too serious

The series features Jackson Lamb, played by Gary Oldman, a British secret service agent who manages the Slough House, a special building that houses all agents who have failed in their mission.

It is here that they will try to redeem themselves to return to the headquarters of Regent's Park.

“It's pretty irreverent, but Gary Oldman's character is irreverent.

It's also slightly disturbing, so it combines those two things.

But it shouldn't be too serious," added Mick Jagger.

Slow Horses

also stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Olivia Cooke and Jonathan Pryce.


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