Its visitors called it the incubator of nations and the land of peace

Global Village..the world without a visa

  • Over the past 26 years since its inception, the Global Village has succeeded in becoming a destination for citizens and residents in the country and from the countries of the world.

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To travel the world without an entry visa, booking travel tickets, and an exorbitant financial budget, a dream that can only be achieved in the Global Village in Dubai, which its visitors described as the incubator of homelands, the land of peace, and the dream of those who love to travel and learn about the cultures of the world.

Usually the traveler to any of the countries of the world feels nostalgia and longing for his homeland, to find himself in a state of search with passion and eagerness for what relieves this deadly feeling of alienation, but the matter is completely different for those who live on the land of the Emirates, which managed to gather homelands in a homeland in the “village.” world”, to become a kiss for hearts searching for a piece of their homeland.

Over the past 26 years, the global village in Dubai has succeeded in becoming a destination for citizens and residents within the country and from all over the world, especially those who are overwhelmed by nostalgia for their homelands, to find their refuge in it, within a miniature model of their country, which includes goods, cultures and foods coming from their homelands. , forget their estrangement, and saturate their longing for him.

"Emirates Today", during a field tour that it carried out among the visitors of the village, in the pavilions of the various countries of the world, observed a state of joy and happiness, as families confirmed that the global village is exceptional in everything, and is considered the most affected destination, with its advantages and special character, calling it the title "" The incubator of the homelands, where they embrace their homelands in one place.

Visitors mentioned that at a time when some countries of the world struggle and differ, their meeting in one place in the global village conveys a message of peace and love, and an invitation to the world to come together, where we find everyone closely acquainted with the cultures and civilizations of others.

Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village, said that the village holds a special place in the hearts of guests and families from across the region, as it has welcomed them with open arms for 26 years, with its 26 suites diverse, representing 80 cultures around the world.

He pointed out that the village has finally decided to extend its current season to the date of the seventh of next May, as the blessed month of Ramadan is a special occasion with very special traditions and customs, and Ramadan evenings and nights are an opportunity to enhance communication with loved ones and friends, and to enjoy together unforgettable experiences and atmosphere.

He continued: "The Global Village is the perfect place to spend these unique moments, so we are pleased to announce, with the advent of the holy month, the extension of our 26th season so that we can enjoy the atmosphere of this month with our guests and partners, and celebrate for the first time ever on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, which is a very important occasion for us." .

In turn, Executive Director of Marketing and Events Department at Global Village, Jackie Allenby, said that the village is proud of its role in highlighting the masterpieces of world cultures and hosting them in Dubai, noting that the village worked to organize the celebration of happiness, as part of our unique and distinctive entertainment activities agenda for this year, With its commitment to hosting the best shows from around the world, to optimize the experiences of our guests.

And she continued: "Street celebrations have a long historical legacy dating back to ancient cultures, and continue to strengthen their position, as one of the most important festive activities around the world from Africa to Australia, and from Europe to the Americas, and I was keen, in the context of the preparations for this celebration, to select the best talents and international talents." Innovative and creative, who starred in famous international destinations, such as Covent Garden - London, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and hosted it in the UAE for the first time ever.”

She stressed that the village is constantly working to provide unforgettable experiences for guests, as part of their celebrations of the International Day of Happiness, in conjunction with our efforts to make Dubai the happiest city on earth.

The park promises its guests a season full of surprises and unique activities, with unique rides and games in the carnival area, which offer new experiences that have been added this season for adventure lovers, as well as educational and entertainment experiences across multiple entertainment destinations throughout the season.

The Global Village is considered one of the most important stations for all those looking to spend the most beautiful time and enjoy with family and friends.

The management of the global village called on everyone to enjoy in the heart of the world of masterpieces everything that is new and distinctive, stressing its keenness every season to review all proposals received by guests and partners, analyze that information, and use it to enhance the infrastructure, and improve the experience of the village guests. It is also keen, year after year, to develop the solid standards it sets, pay attention to increasing the number of guests to the destination, and harness artificial intelligence in management and research, which contributes to the growth of our global brand.

The village pointed out that it has, in cooperation with its partners from different countries of the world, enriched the shopping and dining experiences offered by the Global Village, and the entertainment offers it offers during the season, which witnesses our cooperation with a group of the most important international brands, to present the first adventure destination, as this season is considered One of the biggest seasons in its history in terms of distinguished content and creative concepts on which we will build new successes and ensure greater growth in the future.

The Global Village has proven its capabilities and identity as a pioneering brand of Emirati origin and spirit, and has contributed in an influential way to strengthening Dubai's position as a leading global destination for entertainment and tourism this year, in which the country celebrates its 50th year and the golden jubilee of its union.

15 new theatrical performances

The entertainment management team at the Global Village has added more than 15 new theatrical shows to the entertainment agenda, in addition to creating the first exciting show, featuring water adventures in the region, under the slogan “The Interesting Show Heroes of the Harbor.”

This season, the destination welcomes the joining of its partners and project owners, who represent at least 80 cultures from around the world, and the 26 pavilions shine this season with new interfaces and a vibrant atmosphere within its cultural offerings, while hosting the all-new Iraq pavilion.

Guests will be able to discover the most amazing shopping experiences, through more than 3,500 outlets of shops.

• 26 different pavilions in the Global Village representing 80 cultures around the world.

• A season full of surprises and unique activities with rides and fun games in the carnival area.

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