• The 94th Academy Awards will be held Sunday night through Monday at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

  • During this high mass, it will be expected that the laureates will evoke in particular the war in Ukraine.

  • The situation will be approached in a “natural” and “delicate” way, promised Wanda Sykes, one of the hosts of the evening.

Three-piece suits, designer dresses, long speeches of thanks and, of course, a celebration of American cinema are to be expected this Sunday on the occasion of the 94th Academy Awards.

Broadcast live on Canal+ from 2 o'clock in the morning, this great meeting of rhinestones and sequins is adorned with some new features and could well be the scene of some records.

A thought for the Ukrainians

How to broach the subject of the war in Ukraine without risking awkwardness when millionaires congratulate each other?

Amy Schumer, one of the presenters of the ceremony, had proposed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, himself an actor by profession, speak during the Oscars.

But during a press conference, the producer of the evening, Will Packer, preferred not to speak on the subject while another presenter, Wanda Sykes, quipped: “He is not a little bit busy right now?


Despite everything, the show will approach the situation in Ukraine in a “natural” and “delicate” way, promised Wanda Sykes.

Anyway, many winners should be able to denounce the Russian invasion by going on stage.

An audience award (from Twitter)

This year, the producers of the Oscars have introduced new prizes, awarded by the public via the Internet: that of "fans" and another rewarding a memorable moment in cinema, with the aim of seducing an audience that crumbles year by year. .

It's not officially the Oscars, but critics of this innovation are outraged that the “real” prizes are forced to give way and airtime to the “Oscars of Twitter”.

“Sometimes the show felt like we were just between us, just Hollywood, and no one else was invited.

This year, we want to be a little more open,” pleaded Will Packer.

Details regarding the presentation of these public awards have not been disclosed.

James Bond and 

The Godfather 

in the spotlight

The gala evening will not only pay tribute to the selected films and artists.

It will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of a film classic,

The Godfather


"We have a few surprises around that," warned Will Packer, also hinting that James Bond's 60th birthday would be on the program.

The first adaptation of the adventures of the secret agent to the cinema,

James Bond 007 against Dr No

, dates from 1962. The young Billie Eilish is already in the ranks to interpret

No Time To Die

, composed for the last James Bond and in the running for the Oscar for best song.

Time to “claim victory” for women

The director of

The Power of the Dog

, Jane Campion, recently said it was "time to claim victory" and shatter the glass ceiling that hangs over women in Hollywood.

The Oscars could prove him right on Sunday night.

The New Zealander has a good chance of becoming the third woman to receive the trophy for best director, just a year after Chloé Zhao.

Even more surprisingly, her cinematographer on

The Power of the Dog

, Ari Wegner, is only the second woman to be nominated for an Oscar in its professional category since their inception in 1929.

A double for Anita?

A priori, the Joker sworn enemy of Batman, Don Corleone of the


and Anita of

West Side Story

 do not have much in common.

But if actress Ariana DeBose wins Sunday's Best Supporting Actress category, it will be one of the rare times two different artists have received an Oscar for portraying the same character.

Robert De Niro had won his first Oscar playing a young version of the mobster played by Marlon Brando in

The Godfather, Part 2


For his part, Joaquin Phoenix succeeded Heath Ledger in the Joker's striped suit and on the Oscars stage.

Will Ariana DeBose in turn be able to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Rita Moreno?


"Coda", the American remake of "The Aries Family", on track to triumph at the Oscars?

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