"Chinese Poetry Conference": the soul of the rhythm of poetry and the power of the times to forge ahead

  Since its launch in 2016, "Chinese Poetry Conference" has gone through seven years and has grown into a cultural program brand with social influence and public opinion guidance.

Recently, the "2022 Chinese Poetry Conference" jointly sponsored by the China Central Radio and Television Station, the Ministry of Education, and the National Language and Literature Working Committee once again appeared on the screen with an innovative attitude, gaining both ratings and word of mouth, and realizing the creativity of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Transformation and innovative development.

This newspaper specially planned a special edition of "2022 China Poetry Conference". While publishing in-depth reports and short reviews, we invited Guan Ling, Dean of the School of Drama, Film and Television, Communication University of China, and Kang Zhen, Professor of the School of Literature, Beijing Normal University, to write review articles for readers. .

  It is another year of spring breeze, which brings the poetic and pictorial meaning of Chinese classic poems, and also brings the vitality of Chinese traditional culture.

Since 2016, every spring, the "Chinese Poetry Conference" has set off a poetry boom in the society with a high-quality poetic feast.

This year is no exception. "2022 China Poetry Conference" was broadcast on CCTV's comprehensive channel and science and education channel in March, with a cumulative audience of over 207 million, and it has been on the Weibo variety list for many times.

Compared with the same period last year, the proportion of young and middle-aged audiences aged 15 to 34 has increased significantly, and the proportion of audiences with higher education degrees from high school and university has increased significantly.

In today's extremely rich cultural life, why do classical poems repeatedly hit the hearts of audiences, especially young people, and become a "main course" of the people's leisure and cultural feast?

Condensing the national spirit of Chinese sons and daughters in thousands of images

  This year's Spring Festival Gala's creative music and dance poetry and painting "Remembering Jiangnan" recited ancient poems and led thousands of audiences to appreciate the world of the famous painting "Fuchun Mountain Residence". Netizens praised "After watching the Spring Festival Gala, can you not remember Jiangnan?" , whether it is the moment of winning gold or the moment of losing, the narrator can easily interpret the Chinese-style romance and pattern; there are more and more poetry-related content on social platforms, some people share poetic life, recite beautiful poems, and some people analyze "China" "Poetry Conference" copywriting, accumulating material for writing... The thousand-year-old classical poetry has "flyed into the homes of ordinary people" and has a close connection with contemporary life.

And behind this poetry craze is the unremitting guidance and promotion of the "Chinese Poetry Conference" for seven years.

  Poems and songs are the emotional expression of Chinese culture and the emotional expression of the Chinese nation.

The Book of Songs, Chu Ci, Han and Wei Yuefu, Tang and Song Poetry highly condensed the endless ideological concepts, humanistic spirit and moral norms of Chinese traditional culture.

The program team of the "Chinese Poetry Conference" has established an idea from the very beginning-adhering to the policy of creative transformation and innovative development, focusing on the essence of Chinese excellent traditional culture such as loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, patriotism, and diligence carried by poetry, activating the essence of Chinese traditional culture deeply hidden in the blood of the public Chinese cultural genes in it.

  In the exam questions of "2022 Chinese Poetry Conference", we not only saw the broadness of "the country is picturesque, how many heroes are there at one time", but also the deep affection of "Want to ask pedestrians where to go? The heroic spirit is still awe-inspiring in the future".

Netizen "Dream" commented: "Poetry is the reappearance of historical background, the expression of poet's emotion, the inheritance of cultural context, and the accumulation of spiritual strength. Watching the program, I seem to have experienced the ups and downs of the prosperous world with Sima Qian, and with Zhuangzi. Sitting on the back of the Dapeng, he flew up to ninety thousand miles, drunk with Li Bai, picked chrysanthemums with Tao Yuanming, and folded willows for Bai Juyi. The program unearthed the most beautiful side of ancient culture contained in poetry, let us take a look at the thousands of poems and songs. Feel the national spirit and cultural self-confidence of Chinese sons and daughters in thousands of images, and continue the cultural identity of the Chinese nation."

Upgrade "knowledge quiz" to "immersive viewing"

  It is not easy to make a hit show, and it is even more difficult to make a hit for many years in a row.

For poetry programs, most of people's feelings about ancient poetry come from books. To transform the beauty of abstract words into figurative poetry and painting, and to overcome aesthetic fatigue, so that the audience often sees new ones, they must be presented in audio-visual presentations and set up in links. Work hard.

The main creative team set up an audio-visual translation team to go deep into the program title link, and convert the poem content of the title into audio-visual images; for the "physical examination" of the previous season's program, the changes in the ratings of each program were reviewed by studying the change curve of the ratings. , analyze the reasons, and find countermeasures.

  The "2022 Chinese Poetry Conference" adopts the methods of "big waves to wash the sand", team battles, and elite competitions.

The team battle will select the winning team through "challenging multiple grids", "immersive", "poetry small theater" and other links; in the elite competition, the representative of the winning team will be determined through the "flying flower order" to attack the championship.

Among them, the innovative topic "Poetry Theater" made people's eyes shine.

From the stories of actors performing classic chapters such as "Ask Liu Nineteen" and "Like a Dream", to the scene where Bilibili Guofeng UP master re-enacted the rare and famous painting "Tao Liantu", to Da Yu Ding, He Zun, etc. The cultural relics tell their past and present lives. The creators use sitcoms to construct scenarios that span the past and present, and upgrade the "knowledge quiz" to "immersive viewing", allowing the audience to experience a wonderful sense of intimacy and dialogue.

  New technologies and traditional crafts enable the program, allowing audiences to roam freely in the ocean of poetry: With the blessing of "Thousands of People Video Connection Technology", the Thousands of People in the Cloud brings poetry lovers from all over the world together online; source of inspiration The dome of Dunhuang for thousands of years, and the image collection of "Thousands of People in the Cloud" like the sky steps, correspond to the realistic visual landscapes such as pavilions, terraces and pavilions on the stage, grass growing Yingfei, etc., creating a space that "rockets up to 90,000 miles" In the newly upgraded "Poetry in Painting" link, in addition to inviting the commentator Kang Zhen to paint poems on palace lanterns, fans and war drums, craftsmen such as bonsai and straw paintings are also invited to outline the beauty of poems on different utensils and expand the capacity of poems. Expressed living vector.

As the program producer and chief director Yan Fang said, "If we regard the program as a big tree, it will grow every year, and there will be changes in external representations and self-renewal in the core of art."

Let classical poetry and contemporary life sparkle

  According to Liao Xiangzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Communication University of China, the important reason for the enduring vitality of classical poetry is the cultural connotation and the real and moving emotional experience of frequent reading.

"2022 Chinese Poetry Conference" starts from ten era keywords of "Jiangshan", "Youth", "Ran", "Meet", "Daoxiang", "Rhyme", "Heaven and Earth", "Taste", "Sa" and "Departure" to unlock the uniqueness of ancient and modern dialogue From the perspective, it presents aspects of the era such as the centenary of the founding of the party, the pursuit of dreams in space, and the anti-epidemic of the whole people.

Every aspect collided with classical poetry to create brilliant sparks, inspiring hundreds of millions of people's hearts and gathering spiritual power in a silent way.

Under the theme of "juvenile", the scenes of Chen Yannian and Chen Qiaonian's heroic sacrifice in the TV series "The Age of Awakening" complement each other with the broad-mindedness of "strong man thinking of serving the country" written by Lu Tao of the Song Dynasty.

In the movie "Changjin Lake", Wu Wanli shouted "No. 677, Wu Wanli" when he salutes the army. It resonates at the same frequency with the tragic feeling in Wang Wei's heart of the Tang Dynasty that "death still smells the fragrance of chivalrous bones".

This approach of integrating knowledge, stories, and value inspiration expresses the theme of "it is precisely the countless young people who have thrown their heads and shed their blood to have a new China and a happy life for the current Chinese people", constructing a connection between poetry and the present. realistic meaning.

  "People who burn their lives in poetry are the basis for the liveliness of the show." Yan Fang said.

"2022 China Poetry Conference" invites technology innovation leaders, ecological civilization protectors, traditional culture inheritors, etc. who love poetry, and divides them into an on-site 100-person group consisting of a children's group, a youth group, a Baixing group, and a family group, and Through the video connection, there are thousands of people in the cloud from all walks of life.

Deaf girl Wang Yizhen recites "Will Enter Wine", showing her heroic fighting against fate, netizens praised this "life in full bloom"; whether it is facing the loess gully or standing on the top of the oil storage tank, the oil worker Wang The army is accompanied by poetry, expressing the ambition to take root in the front line of production with "I hope the people are full and warm, and spare no effort to go out of the mountains and forests"; Xu Xiaochan, a doctor stationed in the village for poverty alleviation, while treating the villagers, brings her family to experience "the green tree village borders, the green hill Guo The pastoral life of "Outside Slope"... These noble souls under the influence of poetry culture, infect the audience with their simple background and sincere emotions, arouse the keen attention and strong resonance of all walks of life, and unite the people to work hard in the new era. 's spirit.

  "Chinese Poetry Conference" is a microcosm.

Following this perspective, we have seen the booming development of high-quality cultural programs in recent years.

In particular, the Central Radio and Television Station digs deep into the excellent traditional cultural resources of China, and plans in-depth and elaborate production around major themes. Not only has it cultivated the IP of "Chinese Poetry Conference" for seven consecutive years, but also created "China in Classics", "China Archaeological Conference", "Chinese Archaeology Conference" New phenomenal works such as "China Place Names Conference" meet the new expectations of the audience for cultural programs with the trend of "all screens are high-quality products".

"The "Chinese Poetry Conference" is like a wind vane, pointing out the direction for the development of cultural programs. I hope that practitioners can learn useful experience from its success, promote the steady improvement of program quality, and make the styles more diverse, and drive the whole society to pay attention to Chinese excellent traditional culture. Go deeper," said Wen Weihua, an associate professor at Beijing Jiaotong University.

  (Reporter Li Lei Niu Mengdi)