China News Service, Wuzhou, March 25 (Gan Zemin, Lin Hao) "The crash site is a big mountain, with lush vegetation and thorns everywhere. Few people set foot in it. The mountain roads are deserted, and the rescue is very difficult." The head of the Longxu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Wuzhou City, Guangxi introduced to the author on the 25th.

The picture shows the police in the rescue center allocating tasks, provided by Longwei police

  On the afternoon of March 21, a Boeing 737 of China Eastern Airlines carrying 132 people crashed in Teng County, Wuzhou, Guangxi.

After the incident, the Longxu Sub-bureau of the Wuzhou Public Security Bureau adjacent to the scene organized the police force to carry out rescue overnight, and worked closely with the armed police, medical staff and firefighters to do a good job in on-site protection and investigation.

  "It was dark that night, and we were not familiar with the terrain. Although we had a flashlight with us, it was difficult to walk on the mountain road. Occasionally someone fell, so we walked forward one by one." Say.

The picture shows the police temporarily setting up a duty post to guard the Longxu police.

  Li Zhubiao is mainly responsible for the security work of the periphery. He introduced that in order to strictly control the entry and exit of personnel, the police arrange a police force every 5 meters to be on duty, with a bread and a bottle of milk for dinner until dawn.

  When the incident first occurred, sporadic wildfires reignited occasionally in the mountains near the crash site, and large-scale wildfires may be caused if they are not controlled in time.

After the police officer Huang Hongping on duty discovered the suspicious situation, he immediately carried out the rescue work with the police and auxiliary police present.

  The re-ignition point was halfway up the mountain. The mountain road was steep and slippery, and it was far away from the water source, which brought great difficulties to the fire fighting.

The police groped and moved forward in the mountains, overcoming obstacles on the overgrown road, and clearing the reburning items out of the isolation belt.

The picture shows the police fighting off sporadic mountain fires, courtesy of the Longxu police

  After nearly half an hour of hard work, the fire was brought under control, and several sporadic fire sources were basically put out.

The clothes of the police and auxiliary police officers at the fire-fighting scene were soaked with sweat and exhausted, but they still did not relax their vigilance and kept their eyes on the scene to prevent the fire from rekindling again.

  At the duty point on the accident mountain, due to its remote location, steep mountains and inconvenient transportation, it was difficult for materials to reach down the mountain for a while.

The policeman Huang Shicheng picked up the branches and some abandoned tarpaulins on the mountain, and temporarily built a simple resting place to keep out the wind and rain.