【I forge ahead with the motherland】

  This year's CCTV Spring Festival Evening, the dance poem "Only Green" created by China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Oriental Performing Arts Group") quickly went out of the circle.

Last year's CCTV Spring Festival Evening, Oriental Performing Arts Group's song and dance "Festival", dance "Jasmine" and "Auspiciousness" also received wide acclaim. Among them, the dance "Jasmine" also won the ratings of the Spring Festival Gala that year and was on the hot search on Weibo.

  Many people ask: Why are you able to launch popular works frequently?

Our answer is: reform and innovation.

The "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of State-owned Art Troupes" issued by the Central Office and the State Office proposed that "adhering to reform to promote development", "optimizing the allocation of resources, giving play to the role of social forces and market mechanisms, and continuously enhancing the vitality of development".

As a pilot unit for cultural system reform, Dongfang Performing Arts Group has thoroughly implemented the deployment requirements of the central government for deepening the reform of state-owned cultural and art troupes, continuously promoted cross-regional and cross-border cooperation, and formed a good mechanism for cooperating with all parties to create a new look.

  Taking the creation of "Only Blue and Green" as an example, in the early stage of creation, Dongfang Performing Arts Group broke the inherent creative concept and operation mechanism of state-owned academies, innovated cooperation methods, and jointly produced the product with the Palace Museum and People's Daily Online.

This move successfully broke the barriers of the art circle, the cultural and blog circle, and the media circle, gave play to the advantages of each producer, and laid a solid foundation for the success of "Only Green".

  After the success of "Only This Green", Dongfang Performing Arts Group actively explored the innovative development path of traditional culture and strengthened the construction of the "Only Green" industrial chain: designing cultural and creative derivatives, working with many well-known domestic enterprises such as Geely Automobile Cooperate to develop co-branded products, launch the industry's first digital collection commemorative ticket, create a city check-in place, plan online IP interactive topics, and also jointly launch innovative measures such as film version and theater scene, integrate culture into products, and empower brands with art. Injecting long-lasting artistic vitality into the profound Chinese cultural symbols.

  Beginning with "Only Blue and Green", Oriental Performing Arts Group adopts a new model of integrated development of culture, art, culture and tourism, extensively absorbs first-line creative talents and resources at home and abroad, strengthens the construction of professional management personnel, and flexibly employs mechanisms and distribution methods. , in digital art, online broadcasting at home and abroad, art education and other aspects go hand in hand, has initially formed a sustainable development system and mechanism with colorful repertoires and talents in the troupe.

  (Reporter Han Yeting of this newspaper)