A mother and a 3-year-old daughter who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan will live for a while, relying on their sister in Fukuoka Prefecture, and an NPO corporation in Fukuoka City has begun to support them in order to obtain a status of residence.

Evacuated to Fukuoka Prefecture are Ekaterina Chaplincia, who lives in Zhytomyr, northwestern Ukraine, and her 3-year-old daughter, Anastasia.

I arrived in Fukuoka via Kansai Airport on the 16th of this month, relying on her sister who lives with her Japanese husband in Tagawa City.

On the 24th, Ekaterina visited the office of an NPO corporation in Fukuoka City with her sister and was briefed on the procedure for status of residence to live in the prefecture for a while.

Yukari Yamashita, the representative director of the NPO, handed over her donated support money and encouraged her by saying, "It's small, but please make use of it. Good luck."

According to the NPO, Mr. Ekaterina has applied for the status of residence of "specific activities" that allows him to stay while working for one year.

Her husband is still in Ukraine to protect her country, she said, "I'm worried because I don't understand Japanese, but I'll do my best. I want to tell my husband in Ukraine that I love you. I want to live together soon. "She said in tears.

Yamashita, the representative director of the NPO "Global Life Support Center," says, "It is necessary to firmly determine what kind of support the evacuees need and provide detailed support according to their individual circumstances."