In the early morning of March 22, a reporter from the Yangtze Evening News Ziniu News received sad news that at about 1:30 a.m. that day, Chen Mou, a man who sacrificed his life to protect his wife after the fire, passed away due to worsening injuries.

Chen Mou's brother sobbed and told reporters on the phone: "Now the family is arranging funeral arrangements for my brother, and we will still work hard to raise money to rescue my younger brother and sister." After the reporter arrived at the hospital on the afternoon of the 22nd, he saw Chen Mou's family.

  Ziniu News trainee reporter Chen Ran Dayue

  The family recalled the past and cried, "We protect the person he wants to protect for him"

  On the morning of March 13, a fire broke out in Longfengjiayuan Community, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing.

According to the video released by @ Nanjing Fire, a woman was standing outside the balcony at the time of the incident, while her husband was holding his wife's arm tightly inside the balcony.

Until firefighters arrived to put out the fire, the man and firefighters worked together to save his wife.

In the video, after being rescued by firefighters, the exhausted woman said, "Save my husband first." Both the couple suffered severe burns and were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

The couple's performance in the fire moved countless netizens.

Facing the huge amount of treatment costs, this ordinary working family is in trouble.

After the Yangtze Evening News reported on Ziniu News, a large number of netizens extended a helping hand.

  In the operating room of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Chen's father took the Ziniu News reporter's hands and said repeatedly, "Thank you for your help! Thank you for your reporting!" The bedding for sleeping was still piled up in the corner.

After hearing that his son and daughter-in-law were burned, the 70-year-old man immediately rushed to Nanjing from his hometown in Bozhou, Anhui, where he lived in the hospital with his in-laws and accompanying children.

  Dad Chen was wearing an old padded jacket, and his dark face was full of tears.

Chen's father told reporters that his daughter-in-law Wang Mouyu was undergoing a second operation, and the two families were waiting at the door.

In order not to make the old man too sad, the Ziniu news reporter and Chen's younger brothers and sisters changed to another quiet environment to understand their current situation.

  Wang Mouyu's sister told reporters that her brother-in-law is an honest person, working to earn money in order to live, although life is hard, but as sung in the play, "the love of husband and wife is bitter and sweet", he often has fun with his sister , full of hope for life.

"The couple's Douyin often posts some photos together, with the text 'Big hands hold small hands, big hands make money for small hands, and you are the only one in this life', etc. The relationship is very good." Talking about brother-in-law's worsening injury in the middle of the night She died suddenly, and she couldn't hold back the tears in her eyes.

  Chen's cousin said that the family sent his brother to the funeral home in the morning, and then rushed back to the hospital at noon to work on his sister-in-law's surgery. "He once told me that he wanted to let the child live a happy life, but now he wants to protect him. We will protect him."

  Dr. Liu who participated in the first aid mission:

  I'm used to seeing life and death, I saw the truth here

  "As a 120 doctor, I am used to seeing life and death, and I saw the truth here. I hope his wife can be safe." After learning of Chen's death, Xiao Liu, a 120 emergency doctor at the Nanjing Emergency Center's Benji Hospital branch He wrote such feelings on social platforms. As a doctor who carried out the emergency rescue mission for the injured in the fire on March 13, he felt very sad to hear such news.

  "When I got out of the car and arrived at the scene that morning, the husband and wife had been rescued by firefighters to the first floor of the unit building. They were leaning on the firefighter's side. The woman kept shouting 'Save my husband first', and the man was seriously injured because he was injured. , there was burns in the respiratory tract, and his speech was not very clear, but he kept telling me 'look at my wife first'." Xiao Liu recalled, "At that time, the man was already in shock in the ambulance, and he kept asking myself along the way. If there is anything, I have been asking how his wife is doing."

  Netizens lend a helping hand

  More than one million donations have been made so far

  For the past ten days, about eight family members have been waiting in the hospital.

Because of the rush, the family had little preparation for food and lodging.

After learning about the situation, Ms. Wang's family who lived nearby sent food and quilts.

  The Yangtze Evening News, Ziniu News, reported on the matter continuously and published the fundraising link. Netizens across the country were moved by the persistence of Chen and his wife when the disaster came, and they were also concerned about their inability to pay huge medical expenses. Give a helping hand.

As of 19:00 on March 22, the Waterdrop Funding link initiated by Nanjing Charity Federation, Weibo Blue Lifeline, and family members has received more than 1 million donations from caring people from all walks of life.

  During the interview, Chen Mou and Wang Mouyu's family kept saying thank you, and asked the reporter of the Ziniu News of the Yangtze Evening News to thank the majority of caring people.

  As of press time, Wang Mouyu's sister told reporters, "My sister's second operation has ended and is currently in good condition."