The National Governors' Association held an online meeting to prevent the spread of the new corona, and although priority measures such as prevention of spread were lifted, the number of people moving during the change of year increased and there was concern about the re-expansion of the infection. We confirmed that we would call on each prefecture to take thorough measures.

Among them, Governor Hirai of Tottori Prefecture, who serves as the chairman, said, "Omicron stocks are likely to fit and will not fit. It is necessary to moderate the behavior with'With Corona'and control the infection while turning the economy and society." Said.

In addition, Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture pointed out that "it is gradually being replaced by the mutant strain" BA.2 ". It is time to change the year, so caution is required," and Governor Yamamoto of Gunma Prefecture said, "The next wave. We should take the initiative, such as considering the fourth vaccination at an early stage, assuming that the vaccine will come again. "

After that, the Governor's Association said that the number of newly infected people remained high even after the priority measures were lifted, and at the graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony, entrance ceremony, etc., infection control measures including social gatherings It was confirmed that each prefecture should be encouraged to take thorough measures, to use a store that has infection control measures for eating out, and to give the third vaccination at an early stage.