Last month, police arrested a 19-year-old boy, a grandson of a woman, on suspicion of robbery and murder in the murder of an elderly woman in Hanawa, Fukushima Prefecture.

On the 10th of last month, a 75-year-old woman living in a house in Hanawa was found lying down with blood bleeding from her head and died at the hospital where she was transferred.

Police were investigating the case as a murder, but on the afternoon of the 22nd, she arrested her grandson, a 19-year-old boy, on suspicion of murder-robbery and burglary, alleging that she had killed a woman and robbed her of her cash card.

According to investigators, blood stains were found in the car the boy was in on the day of the incident, and DNA testing revealed that it belonged to the victim.

Police arrested the boy on suspicion of theft on the 1st of this month for fraudulently withdrawing cash from a woman's account on the day the incident was discovered, and were also investigating how the woman died.

According to the investigation, the boy admitted that he had killed his grandmother and took a cash card.