After the Covid-19 crisis, the war in Ukraine put another blow to the French wallet.

The conflict has contributed to the explosion in energy prices, particularly at the pump, where a liter of fuel recently exceeded two euros.

At the same time, the increase in food prices in supermarkets in 2022 has been confirmed: around 3%, it could even be revised upwards after new negotiations.

It is therefore time for many French people to tighten their belts, or at least to monitor their spending in these essential areas.

In the final sprint of the presidential campaign, where the subject of purchasing power has sometimes been neglected by the candidates, everyone has their own tips for reducing their compulsory expenses.

So how do you manage your budget in these difficult times?

Do you pay particular attention to your energy consumption, especially at home?

Have you found a solution to circumvent the increase in fuel prices, by using other modes of transport?

Do you plan to adapt your purchases to compensate for rising prices in supermarkets?

Do you intend to reduce, or even stop, other non-compulsory expenses (leisure, etc.)?


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War in Ukraine: Will we soon pay 3 euros per liter of gasoline at the pump?

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